Love on the Spectrum Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Searching for a perfect match, seven new and returning young adults on the autism spectrum plunge into the bewildering world of dating.


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Love on the Spectrum Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. BowLattery2507
    BowLattery2507 says:

    This show is like a dose of vitamins for me. The people on it are so genuine, kind and honest. You just can't stop smiling while watching, sometimes through tears. I wish all of them go on to live the most amazing lives!

  2. Dean T
    Dean T says:

    Mark!!! I was so disappointed when it stated things didn’t work out between you two at the end, my friend. I was ecstatic for the both of you. Ah well, there’s someone out there for you, mate! Take care of yourself. -Dean from California.

  3. Katie
    Katie says:

    Love on the Spectrum is the best reality TV. It is a nice break from the typical trashy dating shows that I do not like. It is so refreshing to watch and so beautiful. The young adults on the show are so genuine, heartfelt and honest. We have a lot to learn from them.

  4. Mona Fre
    Mona Fre says:

    A perfect show. Wish Netflix would promote it at least half as much as the Love is blind stuff and so on. It's so genuine. Especially loved Ronan and Katie, just seemed like they communicated as they are without trying to pretend too much. That's what Mark and Michael probably need to work on, they often try too hard.

  5. Alicia Brandt
    Alicia Brandt says:

    Interesting that most of the men have great table manners, but the majority of the women do not. That's the one thing I find offensive. If I had an autistic child, I would definitely teach them how to have proper table manners!

  6. Despott
    Despott says:

    Watching the relationship blossom between Ronan and Katie has got to be on of the most wholesome things I've ever seen. I totally fell in love with Teo too. She has such a great, positive, fun energy and I can't imagine there'd ever be a dull moment in her company.

  7. Laly D
    Laly D says:

    As someone who has worked in education and disabilities I absolutelly love this show. The level of kindness and pure souls its fresh air in this world. For anyone loving this show, I suggest you an UK tv show The Undatables. It's got some years now. It also explores the search for love and human interactions through disabilities.

  8. k l
    k l says:

    I absolutely looove this show!!! It renews my faith in humanity. I find I have the same hopes and challenges as these young adults and I've gained the tools to help me overcome my challenges. I look forward to seeing more!


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