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Based on Matt Ruff ‘s novel of the same name, Lovecraft Country follows Atticus Freeman (Jonathan Majors) as he meets up with his friend Letitia (Jurnee Smollett) and his Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) to embark on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America in search of his missing father (Michael Kenneth Williams). This begins a struggle to survive and overcome both the racist terrors of white America and the terrifying monsters that could be ripped from a Lovecraft paperback.

Lovecraft Country (2020) is the new mystery movie starring Jonathan Majors, Jurnee Smollett and Wunmi Mosaku.

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  1. TheJissouShop
    TheJissouShop says:

    This is not Lovecraft, it's just generic monsters that you have seen thousands of times before and say "look it's Lovecraftian". A Lovecraftian work leaves you with a linger sense of questioning existence and its futility, this is discount stranger things set in a caricature of southern US states. And it's made by Bad Robot Productions so no wonder it's bad, which is why the second season got cancelled.

  2. pier francesco Olori
    pier francesco Olori says:

    Actor in this serie, are not soo good ,also the fact they are black people for the most. Hp lovecraft story are wrote in a history moment specific. This history revisionism can only ruins all the logic you ll going lost on the wayof narration. Better actor, white the principal and some black or asian around, and this series can have a big success.

  3. Mishka
    Mishka says:

    hey I am from Europe, and I cannot stand watching how these scum are treating these people… If thats true that it was normal time ago in US, that is so disgraceful i cannot stand it… I am so angry… I never saw here such behaviours, and i am from catholic and backward country….

  4. Mark Baskin
    Mark Baskin says:

    I can't stress enough how racist and irrelevant this dogshit piece of cinema is even rometoly fuckin fair or phathiboly racist I watched 5 episodes horrible with white hatred in each and every episode so as a non racist white MAN I FUCKIN HATE THIS DOGSHIT RACIST AGAINST WHITE PPL WITHOUT DEF I HOPE THE CREATIVE AND WRITTERS AND ACTORS DIE I FOR REAL HOPE THEY DO

  5. Danielle Symons
    Danielle Symons says:

    I love the show! But the racist bullshit makes me sick. And angry. I’m white but holy hell! Honestly I’m glad I don’t live in racist bullshit like that. How the fuck can you even be classed as a human being with an attitude like that?

  6. Marco Feola
    Marco Feola says:

    Eh, the whole thing was pretty racist and offensive, and kind of didn't make any sense, I mean the main character of letti is like clearly 98% white, and black Americans ask have at least 10% white blood so they would all be cut off from magic. But if we are taliking science they're is no such thing as white and really no such thing as black and such concepts as race only exist in stupid people's minds as race is not a scientific subject and is totally 100% a sociological subject competent based on point of view and illusion. I'm scientific terms all people have the same origin to the save very small group of people 200,000 years ago and all genetic drift is caused by random mutation not by migration as the genetics stayed the same and the differences came in what genetics were awake in different groups and shut down in others but the genetic strand it self isn't different meaning all people are one group, and that's why black people give birth to random white people all the time, like Moses a white black man lol

  7. calendil
    calendil says:

    I wanted to give a try, looked promissing. Then I saw JJ Abrams name.. No thanks, I gave you way too many chances, I thought you could not make anything worse, you outdone yourself in every new production.

  8. Ro Gigi
    Ro Gigi says:

    This is based on the book Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff, right? Many people in the comments are criticizing this trailer/the show for not being a real Lovecraftian story or tale, but no one said it was? As far as I can tell it follows the plot of Matt Ruff's book quite closely, so the criticism and racial comments seem out of place and from folks that haven't read the book. The trailer looks good tho, i'll give the show a watch!

  9. Gaiseric
    Gaiseric says:

    Lovecraft country was such a piece or garbage. Why in the hell would you turn a multiverse solely about existential dread into an empowering social justice piece. So stupid.

    Yeah I get it HP Lovecraft was racist, but honestly after seeing that piece of garbage you make me want to agree with him.

  10. B. Lane
    B. Lane says:

    The whole show was absolutely shh. Riddled with a load of fake history in line with the current woke indoctrination of poor Black people, bad White people. Booooooring. They didn't need to use Lovecraft, it didn't fit at all. They could have done the boring woke story part without Lovecraft and instead left it to those who actually like his literature and would have packed it with horror. Absolute rubbish.


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