Loving Adults | Official Trailer | Netflix

What happens to a marriage when the love of your life becomes your worst enemy? Loving Adults is a dark and twisted, yet sexy take on a love triangle that you don’t want to be in. Coming to Netflix 2022

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Loving Adults | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Darsh Lakhwani
    Darsh Lakhwani says:


    I have one question. At the end, when the husband was lighting the bonfire, why did the policeman just stand and watch? He could've easily stopped him if he was certain that the body was inside the bonfire. He had an entire team with him, if he would've acted earlier, he would've gotten his evidence right?

  2. deestefmorr
    deestefmorr says:

    Now I’m more familiar with movies because I’m in the business…not a bad movie or I would not been able to-watch the whole thing. The name of the title Sucks and why would the detective have a twig in his hands, minor details. However , this is a good movie with unexpected twist…definitely recommend watch to the end.

  3. Free
    Free says:

    Just finished watching and i give it a solid 9/10. Was sooo good and it’s in English. Y’ll shouldn’t make a part 2 tho cos you’re just gonna drag the plot and end up ruining it so no thanks

  4. ChainReaction
    ChainReaction says:

    A movie tha is not formulaic. It was suspenseful and I loved the ending. The detective is the only week point. He just seems like he knew it all. Wehn you start liking the killer and hating the cops, there is a huge problem.

  5. sofiyarini ambarwati
    sofiyarini ambarwati says:

    This is a good movie, hats off to the Danish, made better movie than the Hollywoods.. and i like the message behind it.. Love should come with a warning too.. like cigarettes.. this couple's story turns out to be a father's last words before his daughter walk down the aisle


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