Lucky Hank Starring Bob Odenkirk | Official Trailer | AMC+

Lucky Hank, starring Bob Odenkirk, premieres March 19.

From the executive producers of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk is Lucky Hank. An English department chairman at an underfunded college, Professor Hank Devereaux toes the line between midlife crisis and full-blown meltdown, navigating the offbeat chaos in his personal and professional life – oddly proving tantrums get better with age.

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Lucky Hank Starring Bob Odenkirk | Official Trailer | AMC

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  1. EnzoTheBaker
    EnzoTheBaker says:

    "From the Executive Producer of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul"

    There is no connection to Breaking Bad's creative team. And the only tenuous connection here is Bob Odenkirk himself, who was also Executive Producer on Better Call Saul. Apart from that, zero people from BB and BCS are working on this.
    Way to lie like a desperate dog, AMC. Trailer wasn't even that good.


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