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He’ll do anything to get his family back. Catch up on Luke’s journey before the Season 4 premiere on April 28, 2021. Seasons 1-3 …

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  1. Skye
    Skye says:

    Dude Luke is thick to think that June wants to 'stay' there just because she wants to, she wants to save Hannah more than anything else.

  2. Katie
    Katie says:

    Oh, so much suspense… Can't wait for the next season.
    Just hope Luke doesn't actually go back to Gilead… June still lives, mostly because of the lack of Handmaids after the bombing of Red center, and because the authorities don't know of her role in Nicole's escape. But Luke would be killed straightaway…

  3. Ashi J
    Ashi J says:

    Dont go back luke, trust her she is stronger than you. I cant imagine if something happen to u bro………………………… (what i feel!!!!)

  4. green bird
    green bird says:

    I sympathize w/ Luke's pain, but he doesn't understand anything about what living in Gilead is like – how could he? What's bothering me is that he doesn't even seem to TRY to understand. Moira is right there, she could help him understand a lot more than he does, but he doesn't seem to hear. It's like he's believed all this time that once the 3 of them were together again they'd be able to pick up where they left off, but all 3 of them are completely different people now. Being angry isn't going to help, & focusing on his own pain while ignoring hers will only make things worse. I don't see them finding a way to be together again, especially because it seems clear that Hannah isn't going to get out of Gilead. (I haven't read "The Testaments" yet…).

  5. Colleen Mae Callender
    Colleen Mae Callender says:

    I honestly cant feel sorry for Luke. He cheated on his ex wife and treated her like garbage and he questions June staying in Gilead. She is trying to save his daughter and hes too far up himself to see it.

  6. fav
    fav says:

    Luke what have you done for Hannah? If June is not coming to you. you could go to him. could do it before Holly. Serena was taking Holly if she wasn't arrested. Luke is useless


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