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From the creators of Hulu’s “Fyre Fraud,” LuLaRich is a true-con docuseries about LuLaRoe, the women’s internet apparel company that went from fast-growing retail phenomenon to alleged viral multi-level marketing scam. The four part series streams September 10th, only on Amazon Prime Video.

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LuLaRich – Official Trailer | Prime Video

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33 replies
  1. Malvavisco
    Malvavisco says:

    I have to admit I understand it less when the person is educated and should know better. A friend of mine from high school, according to her FB posts, is now involved in a new clothing MLM called ZYIA. She has a master’s degree and is a school principal!

  2. RitasGreatVideos
    RitasGreatVideos says:

    This is such a great series of programs. LuLaRoe and other MLMs aimed at women are so dangerous to people's finances. It's amazing to see the cult-like mega-gatherings the programs showed. I'm amazed LuLaRoe is still operating. Congratulations to the Washington state attorney general for taking the pyramid scheme to court and winning. Under the court order, the company is supposed to change how they operate.

  3. Jessica Bell
    Jessica Bell says:

    Anyone else feel that it should have focused a bit on the people on the low end who never made money like these people did. It's kinda hard to feel as compassionate about people who made tons,then didn't rather than those on the low end of the totem pole. I've read similar complaints about this documentary, that it solely focused on the high end losses of top people rather than lower end ones

  4. CoasterBoy
    CoasterBoy says:

    The Shark Tank people would eat these women alive. If you truly think you can become extremely successful overnight by posting a FB live video once a week to 200 followers you should have no business selling anything.

  5. Hyrum Torres
    Hyrum Torres says:

    I’m upset that the producers created and edited the trailer to seem like the Book Of Mormon is a book that cults use. The Church of Jesus Christ is not a cult, Lu La Roe is a cult.

  6. Monica Marsing
    Monica Marsing says:

    It's not only a rip off the founders are fakes supposed to be religious and they are greedy ungodly people also a lot of their clothes are the ugliest clothes and patterns I have seen in my entire life. Not to mention after watching another documentary about it all the lives and families this so called family ruined. And all the clothes that are not leggings look like some kind of really ugly mood moods and elephant would wear. I wouldn't be caught dead in the clothes I seen on the documentary on discovery plus but it makes sense look at the ugly patterns deean wears I mean a lot of her clothes that she has on every appearance are really ugly patterns look like they came off the garbage rack from the 70s right along with ugly shag carpet some of the same colors and patterns even

  7. Bas tis
    Bas tis says:

    It's not a documentary. It's BS! Amazon should avoid the format used in the LulaRich. {Many of us HATE the format. What format? Now see, this is the answer that goes with that question:} Relying on interview responses to tell a story-with the interviewee's replies cut and pasted as the producer desires in order to tell the story the producer wants told. It's cheap, cheesy and dishonest. Splurge and get yourself a narrator. Splurge and hire a writer and producer. Use interview responses only with the question asked. Try to uphold at least some journalistic principles. The show LuLu rich is as cheap as the clothes that are being sold. Just garbage.

  8. Fern Leaves Studio
    Fern Leaves Studio says:

    The woman who got to the top in 2 months, who bought her LV bag. She says at one point "they encouraged you to spend, spend, spend that bonus check." I keep asking myself… Would they check with your bank to see if you did spend that money? force you to show receipts? dig through your LV bag to find them?? you can SHOW you spend a lot, but in reality not do so… Splurge when you are with those two godawful monsters, but outside? When you're earning THAT much saving is easy. Just create an appearance!! They would never know even if they dug!! But I guess boundaries like that are too much to ask of her… because she keeps going back and forth on selling her things and her cars and her house…


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