Making A Murderer: Part 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The convictions were only the beginning. The worldwide phenomenon continues October 19th, only on Netflix.

Watch Making A Murderer only on Netflix:


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Making A Murderer: Part 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

40 replies
  1. my house
    my house says:

    This documentary is just the tip off the iceberg, no matter avory's guilty or not; there has never been true justice or freedom in this world just the illusion off it we must weak up its pretty simple Red pill or Blue pill chose wisely.

  2. my house
    my house says:

    People sying its netflix its just a documentary, but i saw the men on the stand and they are creepis,scum off the earth truly vile thats what i saw i dont care about anything else

  3. cc BC
    cc BC says:

    This does not even resemble real life. It's like watching a really hopeless dystopian novela that's gone off the rails, and the more i watch the less hope i feel for the averys. If this is how justice works then that explains why the country's in such a mess.

  4. razzle1_2234
    razzle1_2234 says:

    I don't think I ever felt this disgusted and have genuine hatred to anyone. The police, the lawyer, the sheriff, the judge, a lot of people actually it's hard to keep track. Even us normal people can see that this was all staged yet the innocent man and nephew is rotting in prison. I just can't…

  5. jiao yz2
    jiao yz2 says:

    In China channels pple are talking, everyone in comment sections wanted a re-trial !!! With new attorney, investigators, forensic team , go for it u are the Power Team !!!

  6. Agene
    Agene says:

    Watching this this altogether with Season 1, i was hoping that in the end they will be freed both, kinda disappointed. It's a tragic and sad story, for Teresa and this two men. Just look at Brendan, he's worried about his project and just want to watch Wrestlemania. Obviously he was coerced into that confession, he was spoon fed. My takeways on this is 1. His 1st lawyer, that name Ken or Len, im not a legal expert but by just listening to his statement, he was never in favor of Brendan and up to this date believe he's guilty. 2. Why no family or close friends with Teresa became suspects? 3. Teresa's brother and his Ex Boyfriend from the start seems off to me. So magically he unlocks Teresa phone and some mails were deleted. 4. That Krats or Kruts, just hearing him talk makes me nauseous really, what a liar, he has this tiny annoying tone like the character from one piece Picca. Lol. 5. Sad part seeing Steven's parents gets old and with that burden that they've be gone with their son still locks up. 6. I think, both of their pre(not Len) and post conviction lawyers are great but the justice system is just corrupt. 7. Scot and Bobby are nearing their end i guess. 8. The fact that forensic evidence eliminated Brenda anywhere in that alleged crime scene and still locks up is just BS. List can goes on and on but the state imho will never admit their wrongdoings and the police, DA like Krats will never be liable on what they did to these 2 mens.

  7. 박예성
    박예성 says:

    Manitowoc is so obviously corrupt…. whether or not Steven avery is guilty, he deserves a retrial because during the first one he shouldnt even have been convicted because theres just so much shit that didnt fit and the prosecutors and police obviously did some shady things to favor their side but still not enough to pin him as the murderer.

  8. Empyrean Promethean
    Empyrean Promethean says:

    Dirty ass, punk ass, murdering ass cops. This whole things was about making him settle the lawsuit against Manitowoc County for his wrongful conviction and 18 years in prison…and they didn't mind killing an innocent woman to make that happen. They probably paid the ex boyfriend to Teresa. They know everyone is trash because they know they are trash…they know they could flash a little money in anyone's face and they'll do whatever they want. We need a meteor. And I don't mind dying for that good cause.

  9. Jenny Eckley
    Jenny Eckley says:

    The police make my skin cruel. They don’t even care that not only have they put the wrong bloke behind bars AGAIN but there someone who did murder left free to do what they want to do

  10. K K
    K K says:

    Clearly Bobby did it. I am shocked he was never looked at and also shocked that his family never second guessed him. The way he turned his back on his uncle and brother… Shocking how his testimony wasn't even questioned.

  11. rmc
    rmc says:

    How can anything be so blatantly obvious that the police totally staged all of this and STILL the man is convincted!?? The people in this state are some of the dumbest people to walk this planet to believe he is guilty… Unbelievable, shameful…. Disgusting to know such a failure of justice can happen in any state of the USA. Theresa's family deserve TRUE justice not some truly corrupt police using her to convict someone they screwed over once and wanted him out of the way. The world needs to get behind this and get real justice….and words completely fail me how Brendan could be found guilty…. Completely lost for words

  12. Madison Golden
    Madison Golden says:

    What I find so shameful it's the fact Brendan's own lawyer investigator told him to write out everything he did that day and he did then when the investigator read it hito branded no no that's not going to work. Had him rewrite his whole testimony just so it would fit the prosecution story and that was his own lawyers investigator. And it's all on making a murderer 2 on video. I strongly believe that Bobby dassey did it but the police framed Steven Avery for it. They didn't want to have to pay out on that lawsuit he had for the first eighteen years they wrongly had him convicted

  13. toti toti
    toti toti says:

    Steven's parents really broke my sad..but they also showed so much strength..god how can they go through that twice for decades..i also feel bad for barbara..imagine so many men in her family are accused and could be potential suspects..if she keeps thinking abt those can make you crazy

  14. mustafa uğur
    mustafa uğur says:

    There is no justice on earth.I hope mother and father of steven sees he is proven innocent.All the goverment and the police of that city is in this scenario.All guilty.Even that guy from fbi.All of them must be send to jail.But even netflix cant do that 😀

  15. Godie Fackyouguy
    Godie Fackyouguy says:

    These scumbags are guilty you idiots really believe a Netflix show over a criminal investigation? Pathetic you idiots are even allowed to breath air what a waste of oxygen. I guess this girl just stabbed and burned herself right? I’m sure the special ding dong admitted what they did on camera and how they tried to cover it up because the detectives told him to right? Lmfao you are all the same idiots who still believe 9/11 was a conspiracy get a life you fat cucumber sitters.

  16. Sandra Chacon
    Sandra Chacon says:

    After seen what happened initially with the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein, then seeing how Steve Avery spend 18 years in prison when he was not guilty. I do not believe he did it, but I believe police officers and government support each other, so it was easy for them to plant evidence on Steven Avery to put him back in prison. Steven committing a crime would save the county $36 Million dollars that the county insurance was not going to pay. I believe the sheriff department and DA’s office had a good reason to plant evidence to avoid paying. This documentary made me sad, our legal system is SO CORRUPTED!!!! I will never visit that awful town with such a corrupt law enforcement. Pretty disgusting all of them.

  17. Jose Rueda
    Jose Rueda says:

    Toda una maldita red de corrección en el mundo y se llenan el osico ablando de México q sin correctos y mira nadadmas la puta basura que tienen estos hijos de puta en su patio

  18. Gra Vity
    Gra Vity says:

    I just watch the whole two seasons of the movie. What a story!

    Here's my say.

    Branden case. I stand with the dissent judges decision of the 7th circuit court not to reverse the first result of the hearing dismissing the conviction of the state.

    The judges who agreed not to reverse the decisions pointed that because he agreed to the detectives when asked and signed the testimony admitting to the crime and since her mother consented to the interogations that it should be admissible.

    The statement should've never been admissible. why?
    1. The detectives didn't read to him his rights under habeas corpus to which states that all that he says can be used against him in the court of law and to seek attorney if asked and if he can't hire an attorney the state will provide one. If that was been provided to him I'm sure he'll ask for his mom to request for an attorney before answering any details. Stating that would tell a person that the questioning that will be done is a serious issue and not just like answering his test paper by guessing. Given not that right the judge should've tossed the case in the garbage

    2.) The person involved is a juvenile. It isn't right for him to be interogated with out the presence of an adult (guardian or from the social welfare department) and his representative. Even his parent agreed she should've called to be with him along the interrogation. Since he isn't also of legal age it should be that a representative from the social welfare department will question or be with him from the first interogation and other interogations to be conducted. I just don't know if that's on the law of wisconsin under juvenile offenders.

    On the oral arguments. The Judges asked like is there exactly like a protocol on how do we address to question a child? There should be! Becuz you're not putting an adult on a stand here

    3.) Detectives are leading on their interogations or should we say on the movie they're making their own story. I can't believe that it is okay for them to lead the story when they should only be giving general information and to let the perpetrator tell the story just like what the detective have done in the movie American neighbor murder case. Since Brendan can't give the details of what happens they already told the story when they asked what happened to the head? Brendan pause… Like what head? That's completely leading and I object to that. He then gues that he cut the throat. Detectives told him there is a gun shot. Like what? They shouldn't be asking that. Cuz if that's the question, the interogators should've asked for him to have lawyer or at least her mom at presence. He wasn't given that rights. Detectives should have asked what did you do on the date and time? Where are you that date and time? The body of a victim was found at your uncle's backyard, what do you know about that? They should be asking questions to where you aren't condemning him as the suspect cuz there's no solid evidence linking him to the crime. Like where is this knife coming from? Brendan didn't say he used a kitchen knife like the prosecutor said. Where did this gun coming from? They already ruled him as the suspect and singled him out w/o the presence of her gurdian/attorney. The fact also that the police detectives didn't read to him his rights is a an offense. Therefore, his inconsistent testimony shouldn't be credible enough to convict him of the crime especially that there's no solid evidence that would prove he committed or take in part in the crime.

    During the oral arguments the prosecutor said to the judges at the 7th circuit court that they used a handcuff when he tied him on the bed. Based on the given testimony of Brendan it was a rope. I was shocked considering that they watch the videos no one in the panel judges disputed that.

    Steve's case. The judge should've ruled out to dismiss the case the time he found out that the police officer sued were there at the Avery's residents conducting investigation and searching the area when they know that they shouldn't be becuz of a conflict of interest. Cuz why would I believe all the States justice department would say when they've allowed this police officer to enter the premises where there is a clear conflict of interest. It was also been suspicious that the person who found the key and the bullet are the same officers who was deposed. It's either dismiss the case or rule that the bullet and key found is not admissable. The police officers should've been terminated by the state of wisconsin becuz for the second time they didn't do their duties as cop as proven when they were deposed in the previous case and on halabach's case.

    I can't believe actually the attorneys general office that they challenge the scientific evidences provided by the new lawyer. I would say that their research are more credible than the prosecutors.

    The statement of a new witness stating where the car was first last seen and that it was been reported but was not been put into written report will surely warrant a new trial.

    It is also my strong suspicion that Halabach's ex- boyfriend is the perpetrator when he said he had access to her belongings and even password on the first season. But it wasn't given into light by the prosecution when they conducted their investigation.

    Lenchinsky and Kratz are the symbol of worst lawyer. Especially lenchinsky, he made a lot of remarks that helps the prosecutor more than helping his client. Worst ever!

  19. Accidental sapien
    Accidental sapien says:

    My takeaways from 'Making a Murderer'

    What can happen to a individual and the family surrounding that individual when the nexus between perpetrators and State institutions form. State institutions with all the legitimate statutes at their disposal can morph the evidence at thier will. Even a minor altercations in reporting or collecting evidence (knowingly or unknowingly) takes years together to undo that mistake by defenders having needed to go through all the rigmarole of red-tepism. By that the time innocent behind the bars would have already gone through the mental trauma of not understanding what was his mistake in all this. Eventually he gives up the idea of 'living'. Not to die, but just not to live. Only positive way to look at this is, we should consider that individual's life as the example of flaw in our legal system and should try to move ahead by correcting it.

    As a society we are still at the very early stages of achieving the art of 'perfect' living. 1st civilization dates back to just about 2500 B.C, the modern homo sapiens have evolved 160,000 ago. So it took a long time for sapiens to civilize and we are still a long way to go. The purpose of law, I believe, is to preserve our species from doing the things that our ancestor species did without any boundaries of law. Say for example killing others over fight for females, teritorry and so on. Law, inherently, is ever evolving. What we cannot understand today about laws of our previous centuries made perfectly sense back then. Kingdoms used to be the norms, voting rights for women did not make any sense, apartheid was legal and the list goes on. The court of law as the protector of law decides the amount of punishmemt an alleged convict gets based on the evidence presented both by the prosecutors and the defenders. Therefore it is imperative on the prosecutors side not interpret the law in between the lines but to read it in the letter and spirit


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