Making the Cut – Official Trailer I Prime Video

12 designers – 1 chance to make the cut. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn reunite to discover the next global fashion brand. Catch the winning looks starting March 27, 2020.

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Making the Cut – Official Trailer I Prime Video

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26 replies
  1. MartaRC
    MartaRC says:

    OK, I´m binge-watching this first season on prime amazon… hum… I can see Amazon put no red tape in terms of budget for this production – I mean, it probably cost them 10000 times more than what Lifetime pays to do Project Runway. BUT, I still prefer the Project Runway format and contestants. The participants here were supposedly professionals with a brand – although some of them were clearly not qualified! – from different countries, speaking fluent English, jurors were all stars (cost Amazon millions right there!), it was set in Paris and the runways happened in tourist places (more millions to the city of Paris here). The end result is kind of blah, kind of predictable, Nina Garcia does make a difference as a judge – good for Project Runway that they managed to keep her there… Is it entertaining? Yeah, in covid times, it´s something watchable, but Heide and Tim are not themselves – they seem scripted, stiff – they were themselves on Project Runway and that made them part of the brand, so changing brand now requires them to change who they are – which is just not possible. Not sure if Amazon should invest in season 2 and Heide and Tim should go back to Project Runway in New York where they belong!

  2. Darshana Mitra
    Darshana Mitra says:

    Next in fashion is way more better than this that show has some great designers less drama and incredible to watch I'm not a fashion designer but I'm a customer and I will never spend my money on those "accessible dresses"

  3. Jeannine J.
    Jeannine J. says:

    I know I'm late to this party, but why are they happy about the prize of getting your collection sold on amazon?? I don't know anyone who shops for quality clothing on amazon…
    Amazon is way to invested in trying to make amazon wardrobe work, and this just proves they'll will try anything to make us want to use that service.

  4. Ava Andrews
    Ava Andrews says:

    how can I advance to the next episodes? I watched 4 and accidentally clicked off and now I can't get back to episode 5 without watching the other 4 first? Please help???

  5. Pia
    Pia says:

    Watched the first episode of this and I was struck by the amount of synthetic fabrics. If these designer people want to be socially responsible, the least they can do is throw in some natural fiber, particularly wool and hemp design challenges. Other than nice boring traditional sweaters, there is a dearth of good wool sweaters designs and nice hemp clothing that hangs so well. Wool-hemp sweater blend, anyone?. We need to see more wool and hemp. Throw away clothes that are not compostable are becoming really awful trash in Africa and other third world countries.

  6. Imran K
    Imran K says:

    I'm glad Martha went home early cos it was the Martha Show for the first 2 episodes. No hate on Martha who's an alright designer, it's the editors who are rubbish, half the episodes were abt her, I wanted to know more about the other talented designers

  7. Kingston Smith
    Kingston Smith says:

    There no denying this is a interesting concept only dissapointing factor there isn't a version that specialises & dedicated to male fashion designers that specialises in men's fashion this to biased guaranteed!✈

  8. intros 3
    intros 3 says:

    as much i adore Heidi and Tim and the show itself is very well done, i don't like either the winner of the first season or the second, in both cases they overlooked high fashion and a strong point of view of two designers; Gary Graham and Sander Bos. They deserve to win. the show is too sales-oriented.


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