Marvel: Avengers Alliance – SXSW 2014 Trailer

Get a hint of what’s to come in the world of “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and learn the true nature of the mysterious Pulse in a new trailer for the hit Facebook game straight from SXSW 2014!

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28 replies
  1. darkether
    darkether says:

    Pretty much getting sick of this game, mostly because of the company that runs it.  When you can't respond to support requests within a week and a half and your discussion forums are down for months, you have some serious problems.  Add to that this latest special event that is really unfair to newer players since you have to have enough "heroes" to split them into 4ths and you have the makings for some real fail.

  2. The Dread Pirate Bluetail
    The Dread Pirate Bluetail says:

    Marvel needs a console game series. A new one, a good one. One that can compete with DC. Marvel is beating DC in Movies, but video game wise, DC is DESTROYING Marvel. This was fun at first and I have been playing since it first hit Facebook. Now though the game is so broken it's not even funny. In PvP people only use Human Torch, Invisible Woman, or Iron Man and most people can't compete because those 3 are so good. Nightcrawler (my favorite comic character ever) is so weak I never play as him. Heroes is only ok, and Marvel vs Capcom is a boring, dead idea.. DC and Netherealm are planning turning Injustice into a series. Ultimate Alliance is dead, DC just whipped out Infinite Crisis, DCU Online is growing like crazy, and Arkham Knight was just announced. No Marvel game will EVER sell like Arkham or Injustice or frankly be that quality. Marvel, I am genuinely disappointed.  

  3. yellabonej24
    yellabonej24 says:

    you know what would really make marvel shine more. it's by making a mmo for pc and consoles that let players create their own characters kinda like dc universe but better

  4. Jared Maxilom
    Jared Maxilom says:

    The trailer talks about Spec Ops 17 of MAA/Marvel:Avengers Alliance
    You can play it on Facebook & Playdom or download it in youre mobile phones, androids and Iphones. Just concern for what people are thinking about it


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