Marvel Mighty Heroes Launch Trailer

Get your first look at the upcoming co-op brawler from DeNA! The greatest Marvel heroes and villains take over your phones and tablets like never before!
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42 replies
  1. Benjamin Buzzard
    Benjamin Buzzard says:

    My dream is Marvel lets Rockstar Games blend Max Payne and GTA to make an open-world Punisher game. I would love to see an updated graphics side scrolling co-op beat-em up like the old Maximum Carnage or Seperation Anxiety games.

  2. IdkMagic
    IdkMagic says:

    This wasn't proposed by Marvel this was proposed by DeNA they're a mobile game company that wanted to make a Marvel game stop hating on Marvel for making mobile games they just agreed to give the rights to indie companies so they can expand. I appreciate Marvel's efforts for giving these companies like DeNA a chance to prove what they're worth.

  3. DuRenda Nicole
    DuRenda Nicole says:

    And put the old soundtrack of Marvel Mighty Heroes and the story mode and characters select and cheat codes and the pre order store and 5 star characters and upgrades and suits on the video game cd and case


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