Marvel Pinball: Fear Itself Trailer

Get your first full look at the Fear Itself table coming to “Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles,” available June 19 on PlayStation Network in North America for “Marvel Pinball,” and June 20 on Xbox Live Arcade for “Pinball FX2” and PSN in Europe for “Marvel Pinball”!

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  1. akeas100
    akeas100 says:

    How do I get these? Do I buy them at a game store or order them thru my ps3 online. I don't know alot about the new systems, I'm a ps1 generation guy.

  2. BabisDawn
    BabisDawn says:

    The point about Red Skull's daughter is fair enough,BUT i didn't say that they are going to do this for Avengers 2.I just said that IF they wanted,they could do this as well!


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