Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of What If…? | Official Trailer | Disney+

Explore the multiverse in a whole new light 🌀 Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of What If..?, an Original Special, is now streaming on Disney+.

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43 replies
  1. SuperOmnicron
    SuperOmnicron says:

    "What if the Avengers met the Justice League?"
    "What if Ultron embedded a copy of imself in Vision before Infinity War?"
    'What if Sharon Carter was infected with Extremis ?"
    "What if T'Challa beat Killmonger and continued Wakanda pan-nationalist stance.
    "What if Nekeyah was a double agent for Ulysses Klaue?"
    "What if Inhumans joined the UN/Secretary Ross to oppose Team Cap in Civil War?"
    "What if the Ancient One joined the Eternals to form opposition to the TVA?
    "What if the X-Men instead of the Avengers faced Thanos and the infinity Stones?
    come on, What If, lets raise the stakes!!!!

  2. GamingDad
    GamingDad says:

    Ok, so where do i find this? I have Disney+ and i can't find it anywhere. All i can see if i enter the ASSEMBLED sub-menu are the three episodes of Wandavision, Falcon & Winter Soldier and Loki

  3. MaMcMu
    MaMcMu says:

    Here's my set of ideas for season 2:

    Enough of the downer endings! Not everything has to be super sad, 24/7.

    "What If… Howard the Duck is an Avenger?" (This is a dark horse question)

    "What If… Ultron was never created?" (Could take a page from Issue 34 and include Tony's eating disorder)

    "What If… The Hulk was born from a different emotion?" (The only serious one I can think of)

    "What If… Thanos was a good father to Gamora?" (We all saw how Adorkable episode 2 made him)
    "What If… The other half got Snapped away instead?" (It's the one everyone wants to know)

  4. HeadlessGator
    HeadlessGator says:

    What if ultron killed the guardians of the multiverse
    What if quicksilver survived
    What if vision never got stabbed
    What if they send the wakandan soldiers to every side of the force field so those alien monster things can’t get in


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