Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel – Official Trailer

Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.

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41 replies
  1. karl jenkins
    karl jenkins says:

    it was nia dacosta and nia dacosta alone who removed captain marvel from the title to support her black best friend teyonnah parris and the first female captain marvel monica rambeau

  2. graige jacks
    graige jacks says:

    <nia da costa is very pro black and since monica rambeau was the first female captain marvel in the comics and is cannon as she said on the tedd lasso interview with Brett Goldstein multiple times… she nia dacosta used her opportunity as the director of captain marvel 2 to strip captain marvel off the the title of the movie and just call it the marvels… instead of calling it 'captain marvel 2 the marvels' The one thing nia dacosta seems to forget is that wasp from ant man was the first avenger in the comics and the first leader of the avengers…yet Evangeline Lilly has never complained that she should have rightly been the leader of the avengers instead of iron man and captain america rightfully so….and that this is cannon…cannon as nia da costa seems to be obsessed with….Put some respect on Carol Danvers. And Monica shouldn't be sharing a title. How about giving her a solo movie!>

  3. graige jacks
    graige jacks says:

    <the title change from captain marvel 2 the marvel to just the marvels was 100% nia da costa's idea not the mcu or kevin feige or marvel or disney… was all nia dacosta ..and since phase 4 kevin feige has given full power to the directors of the movies unlike phase 1 to 3 where he withheld the full control from the directors>

  4. graige jacks
    graige jacks says:

    <when you listen to some of nia da costa's candyman interviews and even her captain marvel 2 interviews..she is very pro-black ..and didn't like candyman killing mainly blacks in the original candyman she course corrected this in her new candyman movie….monica rambeau was originally captain marvel and the 2nd leader of the avengers after WASP even though most forget that it was wasp not monica rambeau who was the first avenger and first leader too..nia da costa mentioned this a few times in interviews…i believe that it was nias da costa and teyonah parris that changed the title to the marvels…not the mcu or kevin feige….in phase1,2, 3 the mcu controlled everything..but since phase 4 they've given all powers to the directors…….>

  5. graige jacks
    graige jacks says:

    WASP WAS THE FIRST FEMALE AVENGER AND LEADER OF THE AVENGERS….yet you don't hear Evangeline Lilly complaining about not being the leader of the avengers etc…unlike teyonnah parris who just complains…no wonder Kathryn Hahn is more popular and has her own tv show..even though monica rambeau is the 2nd most used character in wandavision


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