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In 5 Days, everything you know will change forever. Experience Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness only in theaters May 6. Get Tickets:

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25 replies
  1. JSL Singh LIVE
    JSL Singh LIVE says:

    Disappointments –
    1. Captain Marvel, one of the Strongest Avenger, got defeated so easily.. (illuminati concept was ill written LAME)
    2. No Backstory of American Shavez or watever her name is. (Wat was the HURRY?)
    3. Sinister Strange had so much potential, and that Musical fight is one of the Shittiest fight in MARVEL HISTORY (i cudnt get my ears off the background score after that fight) totally distracted.
    4. The End of WANDA. She had gone in so deep, it cudnt have ended this way, we cant BELIEVE. or u shudnt have taken her so far.

  2. Cristiano 7 Ronaldo
    Cristiano 7 Ronaldo says:

    Ironman is my alltime favourite followed by doctor strange and this movie was so bad, it should be called "WANDA MAXIMOFF AND THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS"

    What if episode 4 was way better than this movie , and pls tell me who was the husband of wanda in 838 universe , was it vision ? where was he when she was being possessed by dream walking ,

    And pls tell me wat happened to Mordo of the main universe

    Dr strange used time stone in part 1 to undo the damages done to the earth by dormamu, cause of which mordo told "there will be consequences, the bill comes due" and leaves , wat happened to those consequences ?

    They did a whole season on wanda maximoff and her children and were still not done with her , this should ve her first solo movie

    Was there really one possibility to win against thanos

    They should've continued this as a part of wanda vision tv series and not as doctor strange 2

    And was expecting a lot of other og characters to show up , tom cruise as superior iron man , tobey , andrew , wolverine

    The multiverse was broken in No way home so wat impact did that leave to this main universe or the universe from which the villains and other spidermans came

    And wat happened to the universe from which thanos came in endgame , they time travelled so no consequence of that

    And wanda has powers to alter blackbolts mouth like literally alter reality , so she is stronger than the reality stone ether ? but cant alter america chevs legs to get her ?

    Sinister strange's dialogue "things just got out of hand" was so amazing but was not in the movie, really thought sinister strange was the villain but nooooooo its wanda and she only wants her unborn children doesn't care about her twin brother pietro and vision who actually existed LoL

    i am not expecting them to give me scenes and explanations to the things ive mentioned above , i am just saying they could have made a better sequel with some other plot tieing up to the above mentioned things not all but atleast few which really makes sense and gives explaining about how the multiverse actually works in MCU

  3. zeshan mirza
    zeshan mirza says:

    One of the worst movie i have watched this year. Don't expect story, don't expect from cameos, don't expect character build-up, don't even expect logic in some scenes.

  4. Umair abbas
    Umair abbas says:

    The thing is marvel makes money from their worst movies so they just keep coming with such stupid story line no innovation everybody in cinema was disappointed first captain marvel then wanda vision spiderman 3 and now doctor strange 2 they all sucks so bad but they made alot of money and get recognized too keep it up marvel keep disappointing us

  5. 1 2
    1 2 says:

    If this movie was actually about Dr Strange..instead of just being wandavison season 2, you guys wouldn't be disabling your comments section on your other videos..

  6. Shrey Agrawal
    Shrey Agrawal says:

    Did you see in the post credits of spiderman
    the doc 2 trailer, in that the watch that Christine gave, it's showing us the date i.e 10 November and year is not clear like 2026??
    It can be the timeline the doc 2 is set in


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