Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel | Official Trailer | Disney+

The future is in her hands.
Ms. Marvel, an Original series from Marvel Studios, starts streaming June 8 on Disney+.

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26 replies
  1. Aiza Shaukat
    Aiza Shaukat says:

    You know it’s pretty sad for us pakistanis that disney plus is not even available in our country where as the show is using three of our most popular hits from coke studio, our beautiful and legendary actresses. The director of the show itself is part pakistani. We never get the recognition we deserve even when a whole show is based around our culture

  2. Trouper1399
    Trouper1399 says:

    0:54 That my friends is called racism. Or victimizing yourself. If I were to say “Brown girls from Jersey City can’t save the world” as a white male, I would be strung up in public. But a brown girl says it and everyone applauds.

  3. TheThunderStriker
    TheThunderStriker says:

    So this trailer made me super excited for the show, I thought everything from the music to the way they showed off comic stuff in the real world was great.

    After watching the show twice, I can definitely say I LOVE the show, especially the characters, ESPECIALLY KAMALA! I’m cannot wait for The Marvels now next year, and I PRAY that this show gets a second season!

  4. the relentless menace
    the relentless menace says:

    Glad they changed it to energy like powers because I dunno how I would feel about her original powers in live action, considering how wacky and cartoony it looked in the avengers video game this looks way better in my opinion

  5. Solid Snake MGS2
    Solid Snake MGS2 says:

    I’m 35 not really fan of comics and whatnot but have the show a chance. Kamala is oddly likable she’s got her head in the clouds but he who doesn’t. Her parents are loving but strict and protective for a reason. I totally respect that and love it in fact! All while wanting the best for Kamala. The scenery the design was pretty cool and also the special effects. Additionally the middle eastern style music mixed with modern music mixed with the super hero music almost sounds like mash up and man makes the scene sound so mysterious and epic. Hell of a show had no idea what to expect. Am familiar with the Captain Marvel movie which I didn’t quite care for but also know Ms Marvel from the X-Men episode in the 90s with Rogue

  6. c
    c says:

    why so many Chinese and Indian????? Is this Chinese or Indian film.. what the hell???
    it's not Hollywood? . in future what happens American and European actors? they don't have any film industry.


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