Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion | Fight | Disney+

In one month, the invasion is here.

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion starts streaming June 21 on Disney+.

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38 replies
  1. Dark Woods
    Dark Woods says:

    Why does any media starring a black person now have to be accompanied by some awful rap in the trailer? Do black people only like rap music? Is it the only music black people ever listen to? Seems a cliche stereotype.

  2. kara perrio
    kara perrio says:

    What are Disney doing this for where are the superheroes? oh they woked away cap, iron man the real avengers basically etc. this is not the marvel comic secret invasion how to kill Marvel films/comics forever, way to go Disney you went woke and very broke soon

  3. frank ferrero
    frank ferrero says:

    Will do like i have done with all Marvel content from phase 4,download for free,watch it,throw up,brush my teeth then proceed to delete the movie/tv series.
    For me the MCU died after Endgame came out.


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