Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Deadpool Trailer

The Merc With a Mouth returns for “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2”! Watch the new trailer below to check out some of Deadpool’s high-flyin’ moves, special powers and epic fusions!

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  1. Mushroom Animates
    Mushroom Animates says:

    how to make it even better: step 1) pause this video. step 2) open a new tab for youtube. step 3) type in marvel vs Capcom 3 deadpool's theme. step 4) mute this video. step 5) play them both at the same time. step 6) pay me in cookies

  2. George Cataloni
    George Cataloni says:

    @Lucas Liso He does break the 4th wall in the game quite a bit. If you make a certain choice while playing him, he says "It's ok, I can do it differently in my next playthrough!" and when you play the mission where Deadpool is an NPC,  as Deadpool, he says "Am I the only one freaking out that there's two of me right now?!"; not to mention that Deadpool the NPC points directly to the camera and talks to you lol

  3. Anson Henry
    Anson Henry says:

    Man I loved this game. It's actually my favorite game of all time and always will be. Even though I think the UA series has ended, I'll never Forget Ultimate Alliance 2. ✌️


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