Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Trailer 1

See two arcade classics tag-team for a power-packed combo in “Marvel vs. Capcom Origins,” coming to Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 this September!

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  1. Matthew Rausch
    Matthew Rausch says:

    I highly doubt this will happen due to licensing, but it will be badass if capcom makes Nickelodeon vs Cartoon Network. I wish those two competitors unite to make this game. I will love to play as 90s nick characters against Cartoon Network.

  2. Viket
    Viket says:

    anyone know if the online work and the download game is still on the accounts? because i want know for buy a account whit these games or just a console whit these games….

  3. The Banisher
    The Banisher says:

    Disney, for the love of god just release this now on modern consoles. Don't let any stupid producer change the DNA, don't do what you guys did to infinite. Make it hyper, and awesome! Make it Marvel Vs. Capcom!


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