Marvel's 616 | Official Trailer | Disney+

Eight remarkable stories. Eight unique filmmakers. One Marvel Universe. Start streaming all episodes of ‘Marvel’s 616’ Nov. 20 on Disney+!

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27 replies
  1. Holly Falk
    Holly Falk says:

    Woman don't read comics… That's funny I've probably got over 600 books at this point, mostly transformers the marvel books and the newer ones with a whole bunch of spider titles thrown in for good measure.

  2. GP
    GP says:

    MCU is seriously starting to suck, sick to death of the disney family friendly bs. Thor Love and Thunder is based of 1 of Thors most violent comic book runs and they made it a comedy. They're making Blade PG13 when everyone knows it needs to be R rated. I'm about ready to stop bothering with the MCU and just stick to the comics/source material instead of this Disney crap. Same with Star Wars, lightsabers are more like baseball bats today its ridiculous.

  3. Astraios Plejaren
    Astraios Plejaren says:

    Lost interest in Marvel when men began kissing men. Do you have any idea the affect that has had on younger kids wanting to emulate their favorite hero [?!] My nephew [13] threw out all his Marvel Movies. Literally smashed those games then walked to the trash and one by one while crying as he looked at each Blu-ray movie tossing them into the compactor. Yelling I’ll never be a girly man … These industries need to be shut down and or dismantled to do this to young children’s flourishing imagination. And as a University Professor, this is an assault on our Christian morals. Shameful to promote this sort of filth. Goodbye Holly-weird.

  4. Jason Foster
    Jason Foster says:

    God they really can't help but push diversity at every possible opportunity. Look up the ACTUAL demographics at Marvel Studios (and the country in general) and compare it to this trailer. It's just so transparent now.


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