Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Trailer

Get a look at what’s to come this season, as Coulson and the team find themselves stranded in space with new friends and new foes! Don’t miss the two-hour premiere at its new night Friday, December 1, 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC!

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44 replies
  1. Silver Skall
    Silver Skall says:

    My favourite TV Show by far atm, I love all the characters and the stories are always so original! Sadly it has a weak start but if you can get past that it will get more and more amazing.

  2. Mayflower
    Mayflower says:

    hmm. I dunno about this one. the trailer is sick, but it looks like the show will be losing its political aspect that I very much enjoy. then again, there's yet to be a bad season of AoS, so we'll see.

  3. A Rottie
    A Rottie says:

    IS THIS SHOW BINGE WORTHY?? ANYBODY? I Live in the yr 2018. I wanna know if the show is worth going back to 2013 & catching up??? Please you HARD CORE MARVEL Peep, chime in. I am a Noobie to this stuff. Worth the watch YES or NO? ; )

  4. MAGA Caleb
    MAGA Caleb says:

    I miss the days of the original agents of shield when they are on missions, skye hacking stuffs, may fighting and fitz and simmons staying in the van now its all about powers and aliens

  5. AMV Channels
    AMV Channels says:

    Bring Ghost Rider back he can cure Coulson and maybe bring back Fitz and the main vilain would be Mephisto who keep Fitz soul in hell but will free him if they give him the book

  6. Mansoor Kolathingal
    Mansoor Kolathingal says:

    I didnt like how they ended the character grand ward. Though he was a spy, initially he was shown as a human with good heart. Later i felt like the director just wanted to eliminate the character and potryed him with negative shade. That's is the reason i quit watching this series

  7. Shehzad
    Shehzad says:

    The worse thing is… Marvel doesn't even have true fans like DC does else we would be hearing news for future of agents of shield. I hope people who have Disney+ will watcy the show and try how really engaging this show is


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