Marvel's Avengers — Kamala Khan NYCC Announcement Trailer

A self-avowed Avengers fan, in the game’s original story, Kamala Khan must apply her intellect, optimism, and unique abilities to the task of unravelling a global conspiracy.

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24 replies
  1. ZenIceHero
    ZenIceHero says:

    Kamala is amazing, id enjoy using her alot as my main playable character in Marvel Avengers heck id be awesome to have Miles Morales as a playable character to team up with Kamala

  2. The Milk Man
    The Milk Man says:

    Next time pick a actual interesting person if you pull something like this again her only personality trait is that she’s an annoying flamboyant kid pick someone edgy or scary or crazy next time anything but cringe this game could’ve been so good without her


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