Marvel's Avengers: Kate Bishop Reveal Trailer

Kate Bishop joins our expanding roster in Taking Aim, the first post-launch Operation in the Avengers Initiative.

As a master archer, Kate has the smarts, the talent, and the sarcastic attitude that makes any enemy she faces quiver in fear. #EmbraceYourPowers

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30 replies
  1. DavidH373
    DavidH373 says:

    Too bad this game bombed. The characters are just too generic looking. Like bad B-Movie Uncanny Valley bland. I'll buy it eventually but it's not sparking my interest.

  2. Leo And Agnes
    Leo And Agnes says:

    Sorry to say but putting more female heros is not helping the game to be more popular, playing as Kamala was not appealing when the trailer came out. If keep pushing female heroes then the same will happen.

  3. NehVrashScrohtUmvakle24
    NehVrashScrohtUmvakle24 says:

    Why not just use Hawkeye? As a Hawkeye fan I'd have preferred the opportunity to play as HAWKEYE…. NOT his and Night crawler's cocky and annoying offspring…. It's like using Morgan Stark as the main Iron Man video game character…. I'm here to play as Tony…. Not Morgan…


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