Marvel's Avengers | Launch Trailer

“You’re already a hero. The only one left to convince is yourself.”

Prepare to Embrace Your Powers on September 4!

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39 replies
  1. GameGeek2401
    GameGeek2401 says:

    After putting in a couple dozen hours into the beta, I can't wait for more. It borrows alot from destiny and anthem, but gameplay reminds me of ultimate alliance. I strongly recommend it when it releases.

  2. IAmJavid
    IAmJavid says:

    That trailer was good but, you could even see some dropping frame rates in that short clip. I don't know if you would want to show that in your advert. Still, I like this game.

  3. Ayaan Hassan 8thC
    Ayaan Hassan 8thC says:

    I think all dead avanger's are still alive in movie because I think Irion man douather when she is grown up and collect the Artifact and save the the world and save the dead Avanger's it only my thoury thank you for reading

  4. Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez says:

    Here’s my thinking: the game is not perfect Right Now, but Games as Service more often then not (Destiny, Rainbow Six, Division, Battlefront) eventually get good. And I wanna be on the ground floor and see it flourish before my very own eyes.

  5. GamingPotato100
    GamingPotato100 says:

    Captain America: on the cover and in the front
    Also captain America: dead

    P.S. I don’t think caps actually dead I just wanna see more cap gameplay and I know they’re just keeping the reveal of him not being dead to be a “surprise” but I wanna see more cap so bad

  6. Yuri Sardana
    Yuri Sardana says:

    One thing that makes this game disapoint me,sure…the story of game is offline but…when you want to play the game must installed for update and the size to update about 10 GB,seriously…Square enix,Crystal dinamics it just offline why suppost to update if wanna play,this game so SUCK

  7. KV King
    KV King says:

    I don't like this game because it doesn't even forecase on the avengers it only about Mrs marvel please make a game about the avengers like the spiderman one

  8. Riley Martin
    Riley Martin says:

    I’m glad they allow anyone on the team to go in the hulk buster when iron man spawns it i n as iron my my companion at the time spawned hulk buster then me as black widow hopped in


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