Marvel’s Iron Man VR Arrives 2019 on PlayStation VR! | Official Announce Trailer

The ultimate Iron Man fantasy game. Exclusively for PlayStation VR.

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24 replies
  1. baxooga
    baxooga says:

    Marvel you can create a game with the avengers Or we could control the avengers captain america, iron man, Hulk, thor, vision, black penters, hawk and more.

  2. Christian Paek
    Christian Paek says:

    I think most people here are disappointed because they think it’s going to be a 1 hour long point and shoot experience. It’s not lmao. IGN has a first hands on impression of it and it’s a full game iron man experience where you have 360 control of gameplay, flight and shoot. Not sure yet but it’s probably going to be open world too. We’ll see if it’s good once they release more gameplay footage but the idea sounds really nice.

  3. ryan jones
    ryan jones says:

    Will you be able to use the Dualshock controller? I don't care if it's more immersive to use the PlayStation Move controllers. I always like to use the Dualshock because my basement where I play is too crowded to use the Move controllers.

  4. Gixerson
    Gixerson says:

    We need an actual iron man game not just for PlayStation but for Xbox to, I am a PlayStation player so don’t say I’m complaining but e don’t need a VR we need more marvel games just like that new Spider-Man game, but for BOTH platforms! You better then this marvel…

  5. Z
    Z says:

    Iron Man is one of those characters on which you can make a legendary game on. But what I'm seeing here is a flying simulator to leech money using the popularity of the character


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