Marvel's Runaways Season 3 | Full Trailer

Will they submit to the darkness? Marvel’s Runaways returns for its final season December 13 on Hulu

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31 replies
  1. Harsh Singh
    Harsh Singh says:

    Just finished season 3. It's undoubtedly the best season till date. We get so much in this season from Body possessing aliens to magic of Morgan la Fay to The Time Traveling. It was just so brilliant.

    This season stakes were high and there were some sacrifices that I liked. Despite of the cliffhanger story felt wrapped up. Acting was top notch specially from Alex and Nico both of which had an interesting journey through out the season.

    Morgan la Fay was awesome. She was Charming as well as menace. Elizabeth Hurley portrayed her with such perfection. During her scenes, you just can't take eyes off her BOOBS.

    This season connected the show with other MCU shows like Cloak and Dagger which had an amazing crossover episode. Season also was connected to Agents of shield through Morgan's book of spell – DARKHOLD Which was also played a major role in Agents of shield season 4.

  2. Belnick6666
    Belnick6666 says:

    Cloak&Dagger and Runaways, the two most PC, political "woke" shows in the the same show 😛 I h8 how she carry a light projectile like it is a crystal that glows and not pure energy, it reminded me of school theatre plays and not a movie with millions of dollars budget per episode 😛
    No wonder both shows got cancelled, people h8 politics when they sit down to relax and enjoy a show. Also if you want a show to be successful, aim for the majority and not the minority interest.
    Sure some might watch it just because they agree with it politically and praise you on twatter, facelies and all those social media giants, but then they move on and the show can no longer stand with so few people….


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