Marvel's Runaways Season 3 | NYCC 2019 Trailer

Darkness is surrounding. Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 arrives December 13, only on Hulu!

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24 replies
  1. thebuckrogers22
    thebuckrogers22 says:

    im on ep 5 of season 3 and i can honestly say, this season sucks. season 1 was ok but slow, season 2 was a huge improvement but season 3 so far is a let down. the acting has gotten way worse this season. its like they arent even trying to act, a lot of the build up for stuff is glossed over very fast and or is a huge letdown. like which kid had the alien in them. not a lot of build up. the things they say r eh. molly is more annoying than ever this season. how did they go from season 2, which was cool, to this crap? ugh! this show needed 20 eps, not 10, so much is left out and needs to be explored. sadly that wont happen now. see these streaming shows need to stop with 6-10 eps and go 20.

  2. angel91485
    angel91485 says:

    ok its sucks everything is getting cancelled after all the support fans gave their shows….how abour if fans started cancelling their Hulu and Disney+ subscriptions in return…


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