Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Trailer | PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man CG TV trailer. BE GREATER. Available Now.

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22 replies
  1. Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez says:

    It would be cool if we saw Doc Ocks arms emerge from the darkness when spiderman was falling in, that the Arms was going to grab him and pull him into the darkness but wake up from Aunt May voice.

    Just saying, still love the trailer

  2. Riley Hawkins
    Riley Hawkins says:

    I think Yuri Lowenthal’s Spider-Man has officially become the definitive version of him for me, right next to the spectacular Spider-Man. Also I love how you feel every bit of effort from Peter in this game. All his gasps and grunts and screams as he swings and fights through the enemies. It makes you really feel like he’s giving it everything he possibly has. I’m this trailer it gives me chills hearing all of that

  3. Dark Ghost
    Dark Ghost says:

    I relate to what they said to Pete ppl have told me the same things not just once or twice many times In the video Spider-Man will always be my favorite superhero

  4. Aditya Aggarwal
    Aditya Aggarwal says:

    This Sinister Six Is Nothing In Front Of what we are getting in no way home.
    Scorpion and vulture is nothing just wearing animal based armours Sandman & Lizard Gonna Make Havoc. Also Mr. Negative Is Just A Normal Man Green Goblin Is Gonna Rock The Movie.


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