Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World – TV Spot 10

The Mighty Avenger has returned! See Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” now in theaters and IMAX 3D!

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24 replies
  1. MADBD619
    MADBD619 says:

    Totally cool……………….and unpredictable! I should know. I've already seen it! So be prepared for the unexpected, and for all the cool action from start to finish, baby!

  2. Kaila
    Kaila says:

    I saw this movie yesterday with my swim team, and lets just say AWESOME. I am usually completely bored in action movies, but this one was highly entertaining. Even without having watched the first one, I was able to catch on and enjoy the film. The ending left me waiting for the next one. It was great. Definitely better than Iron Man. My Opinions


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