Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Final Battle Begins. Will the Guardians of Grayskull save Eternia and the fate of the entire Universe?
The end is only the beginning. Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1 premieres July 23, only on Netflix.


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Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

After a calamitous battle fractures Eternia, Teela and an unlikely alliance must prevent the end of the Universe in this sequel to the ’80s classic.

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  1. 1987MartinT
    1987MartinT says:

    I sense thousands of angry whiners and desperate attention seekers impotently cry out words like "absolute failure" and "sjw" and "Hollywoke". I also sense millions of He-Man fans well satisfied with a tv series.

  2. NK
    NK says:

    He-man is just a weak cry baby and all those toxic men from the 80's that were his friends are weak too. Make way for lesbian power couple to save the universe while shitting on all your beloved childhood heroes because entertainment can't create it's own good stories around female characters so let's just use old loved franchises and shit all over them. Kevin Smith, you aren't a nerd, you are a poser and sellout. No real nerd could shit on a classic piece of scifi fantasy like He-man.

  3. Shane Sweeney
    Shane Sweeney says:

    One of the best sequel series I've ever seen. Could not believe how good it was. Highly recommend for any fan of the original. So much love and appreciation of the wider world. Feels like a proper fleshed out universe with real characters now. Fell in love with it all.

  4. Zaragachi Zanparo
    Zaragachi Zanparo says:

    I don't know what's worse. The bait-&-switch, or the fact that there was legitimately interesting ideas in this show that could've worked if they hadn't been squandered so heavily and delibereatley. A dark mature heavy metal tone and Skeletor getting He-man powers of his own sounded like cool ideas(at least to me).

  5. Shotter
    Shotter says:

    Loved this and binged both seasons in a day. A fresh take with great visuals. The whiny incels in the comments are amusing to me. Oh noes, other people besides He-Man get character development. This is an outrage! LMAO

  6. scott farley
    scott farley says:

    just because you buy something does it mean you have the right to changed I say it's about He-Man Star Trek or anyting just because you had the money does it make it right as far as I'm concerned a dead horse has more imagination than a bunch of you.


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