McMafia: 'I'm a Banker, Not a Gangster' Season Premiere Official Trailer

What does it take to corrupt you? Get a first look at AMC’s new global crime thriller, premiering Monday, February 26 at 10/9c.

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19 replies
  1. b1bbs g0t h4nds
    b1bbs g0t h4nds says:

    I love how in so many movies and shows and things they allude to how bankers are pretty much just legalized gangsters, taking advantage of the system and doing illegal stuff. yet when it comes to actually doing something politically or systematically no one ever cares to do a thing about it as if it doesn't occur in real life

  2. Rahima Hoque
    Rahima Hoque says:

    Even though this show is all about smuggling and underworld stories. But the people, houses, over all atmosphere is so intellectual and classic. Everybody looks so elegant. (Vadim has the most elegant looks). Joseph the body guard has such a tremendous powerful personality just with his looks he looks so great.

    Everybody talk so intellectually like Semiyon, he talks so good. It’s not like HW movie where everybody swear in every second. That’s is the beauty of the show. Thanks James Watkins for such a wonderful classic show


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