Michelle Yeoh: Award Acceptance Speech | 29th Annual SAG Awards

Michelle Yeoh receives the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for her performance as in Everything Everywhere All at Once #sagawards

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  1. William Noel
    William Noel says:

    Aha! Cate Blanchett now has a bonafide challenger! With this award and the Hollywood Critics Association awards, Yeoh is gathering up enough steam to challenge Blanchett who has won the good majority of the most prestigious awards for this category so far, including most notably the Golden Globe. But the SAG and HCA awards definitely cut into that. From what I can put together, their respective performances are drastically different from each other, so this will be a tough call. I may have to see "Everything, Everywhere…" I did really like Yeoh in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Her performance to me, in that movie, really stood out, and that is saying something because it was quite a movie.

  2. J L
    J L says:

    She 'pretty much' won the Oscar already.

    Winning the SAG award 9 times out of 10 means that you won the Academy Award. The voting base for SAG and the acting branch in the Academy are comprised mainly of the same people. There are exceptions of course, like when Glenn Close won the SAG award in 2019 but then lost to Olivia Colman for the Oscars.

    But winning this award is a very good indicator that she'll win the Oscars. We'll just have to see though because who knows, Cate Blanchett won the Golden Globes (Michelle did too for the Comedy/Musical category) and the BAFTA award for Best Actress. It's gonna be interesting to see who'll win in the end. If Cate bagged the SAG award too then 100% she would have won her 3rd Oscar but now that Michelle won it, it's likely she won't.

  3. Fraser Donnelly
    Fraser Donnelly says:

    Congratulations Michelle. What an Amazing Achievement. Very well Deserved. You are Such a Wonderful Actor. You are a True Inspiration to all of us. You are a Remarkable Woman. We are all so lucky to be able to watch such a Talented and Brilliant Person at Work. I hope your Life filled is with all the Happiness,Fun,Joy and Luck in The World. Thank you Michelle for sharing with us your Incredible Gift


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