Midseason Recap | Power Book II: Ghost | STARZ

A lot went down in the first five episodes. Catch up and see where things pick back up when Power Book II: Ghost returns 12/6 on STARZ.

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28 replies
  1. davante barbain
    davante barbain says:

    Honestly i feel like tariq should instead of wining like ghost he should loose instead by repeating his fathers mistakes and acting like he knows better but instead make his situation worse due to his arrogance and him thinking hes top shit

  2. courtney parrish
    courtney parrish says:

    Great actor. But 50 an old lady should have took their time on casting people for Power. Mary,her husband and her kids suck. Michael k.williams need to replace ol boy in jail. Replace Mary j with Nicki micheaux,bring Angela robinson from the Haves and have nots as a lawyer and replace them bad acting kids of Mary's. They all suck! I don't understand them weird professors take them off there. Cut the extra extra bs we dont want to see the same sex doing that. Bring Tommy back! Ty and the other people are great. The friend reminds me of a young tommy

  3. Will W
    Will W says:

    WHERE IS YOUR REPRESENTATION of other minorities STARZ???? So much for all inclusive…What about Asians?….Latinos….LGBTQ?? Gays represent over 15% in this country….Latinos over 18%…..Yet they are RARELY on your channel!!! Think about it people, and look at their catalog of moves!!!!… TELL THEM THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! I REFUSE TO WATCH YOUR CHANNEL TIL THINGS CHANGE!!

  4. John Thomas
    John Thomas says:

    I was looking at the new season of power it’s ok its not the same with out ghost.some how some way they need to get ghost back with out him it never will be the same I no it’s a show but ever time I look at his son it anger me to even look at him ghost made it what it is .How are you gonna take the main character out.you will have some people watching it.but you would have a hell of a lot more watching if ghost was playing I’m just saying please bring him back.

  5. M
    M says:

    Tariq was naive because no one taught him In book 2 I think he’s more family oriented than ghost because he doesn’t do what benefits himself but does what his family needs which is the opposite of ghost cause tariq doesn’t think about himself in book2 but rather his family which is the opposite of what ghost did ghost looked for himself first then his family .and I think tariq always sees people for who they are and things for what they are which was ghosts ultimate demise as he was blinded by his fantasies to see the truth


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