Mildred Pierce Trailer #1 (HBO)

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HBO Miniseries presents Academy Award® winner Kate Winslet in “Mildred Pierce”. The five-part miniseries, directed by Todd Haynes, is a reimagining of the classic 1941 James M. Cain novel. Guy Pearce and Evan Rachel Wood also star.

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Mildred Pierce: Trailer #1 (HBO)

35 replies
  1. Ryan West
    Ryan West says:

    I was so looking forward to seeing this version, so I bought the dvd for 30 bucks and sat in front of the tv for 5 to 6 hours!! I have to say I was very disappointed it dragged on and on and nothing really happened at all! I found the 1945 movie starring Joan Crawford and Ann Blyth more exciting. Definitely a good story line to go on and the role of Mildred was owned by Joan. Kate Winslet is a fascinating actress but this role just didn't suit her.

  2. Frenchie séverine
    Frenchie séverine says:

    I saw this series recently and i liked it . Kate Winslet is a beautiful Mildred Pierce,very sensitive and determined to find a job and bring up her daughters..i loved it ! In France this series had no success like in U.S.A but i love it..i love series which talk about the 30's and old stories…

  3. B Humphries
    B Humphries says:

    I recently watched some of Joan's early films when she was very young. And she just had this presence about her that draws you in. You can't help but be pulled in by her. She didn't just play a character, she became the character. Maybe it was her sense of perfectionism that made her a master in the roles she was given? I've read that many claim she wasn't easy to work with. Some even said worse of her, calling her a "bitch" even. If she had been a man, they would have called her a genius in her craft. Many people cannot stand to see a woman take charge/take control and rise to the top. I'm about to watch this mini series with Kate Winslet. I think choosing Kate to play this role was a perfect choice! She is a great actor, and has proven to be more than capable of playing different types of roles! I will come back and let you know how I liked it!

  4. Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson says:

    Due to Evan Rachel Woods disrespectful & racist comments towards the unfortunate passing of Kobe Bryant & his daughter, Black Americans will not be supporting anything she does on HBO.

  5. JustAPrayer
    JustAPrayer says:

    I love this adaptation, it’s a little slower then the black and white movie, being a miniseries, but it’s much more faithful to the novel and it keeps the books final fight between mother and daughter that the original movie left out


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