Mission Blue | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Official trailer for Mission Blue, a Netflix original documentary. Mission Blue tells the story of world-renowned oceanographer …

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  1. Jarka Királyová
    Jarka Királyová says:

    I´m fascinated and deeply moved by this wonderful woman I´ve never heard of before and this brilliant documentary that I´ve just finished watching (it was on tv in Slovakia, in fact on Czech tv)…

  2. khandra Mayorga
    khandra Mayorga says:

    Yes, yes, yes lets take action people !.less talk and more doing is what we need to
    do. We are all adults and humans we are not perfect, but we know that we can help and do so much. So many intelligent people out there that can make a difference! A few things you know can do much educate yourself on what to recycle. Say no to plastic bags, recycle, reuse, repurpose and eat less meat, and grow your own garden. Eat less Tuna, etc .Be more mindful on your footprint. Avoid trash ! Volunteer to clean beaches, etc. You know all this …After all, not alot of people will be able to pay for a trip to Mars or the moon. This is it! We have a beautiful planet and we MUST take care of it. Is not one day , when i have time , or some lame excuse.IT IS NOW!
    We need food, clean air, and water to survive. Once the ocean life is gone is gone !….or just watch " the road" movie and so many others about the end of the world in Netflix. Its gonna get you thinking…its scary how nasty, and ugly can be when people get desperate and hungry. Lets do it while we can, not when its too late . Please !

  3. Summer
    Summer says:

    Exquisite documentary. Dr. Earle is a vanguard. May the justice of her cause shine as the noonday sun… God upholds the righteous. (Psalm 37:6). Respect to Netflix for putting this film out there. Praying that this will be required viewing in every public school in the United States.

  4. ian tanner
    ian tanner says:

    We can grow kelp fast, starting it on hemp or jute rope lattices and with some buoyancy devices. Grow it in places where (when mature) vast swathes can be released into currents that carry the kelp and structures over deep water. As the buoyancy devices deflate the whole thing will sink and sequester the carbon it has trapped for 100-1000 years.

  5. drikko dias
    drikko dias says:

    Sylvia é única. Sensibilidade, conhecimento , respeito e amor pela natureza….nada comparado. Parabéns…. "SUA MISSÃO SERÁ ETERNA!" Adriano, Catanduva, Sp. BRASIL.

  6. Folha Verde
    Folha Verde says:

    Divulgando no blog Flha Verde News post de chamada no Facebook de anntonio padua silva padinha em matéria sobre Arquipélado das Ilçha Cagarras, go in peace, Silvia Earle

  7. Rizwan Zafar
    Rizwan Zafar says:

    Earth has survived since million of years and face tremendous challenges and it will continue to survive. On other hand, we human, new creature very recent biological evolution following trajectory absolutely downhill. One day earth will shake us …..

  8. King Dami
    King Dami says:

    I have the utmost respect for Dr. Sylvia Earle. She has been doing great work protecting the ocean her entire life. This documentary is timeless and I thank you Dr, Sylvia Earle.


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