Money, Explained | Official Trailer | Netflix

We spend it, borrow it and save it. Now let’s talk about money and its many minefields, from credit cards to casinos, scammers to student loans.


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Money, Explained | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. H Boogie
    H Boogie says:

    I've watched this documentary and it is biased AF. Especially the leftist narrative being pushed in the episode about retirement and student loans. They want you to be dependent on the federal government your whole life. They suggested that there should be a mandatory retirement tax on everyone as if the social security tax wasn't enough. They think you and I are too stupid to save money ourselves so they force it on you with a tax. Such socialist garbage. The better way to do this in my opinion is to teach financial literacy to students in public schools. Teach kids about the various retirement accounts, investments like real estate and stocks, compound interests, assets and liabilities, etc. This way kids will grow up being financially literate and will be able to make informed decisions to become financially independent. People need to have personal responsibility, not just rely on the government to do everything for them.

  2. Jessie Gorgonia
    Jessie Gorgonia says:

    YOU guys got wrong information!!! IN gambling!! 1 GAME called "" DOTA 2 " not League of legends ( DOTA 2 INTERNATIONAL has $41 million dollars POT MONEY) LEAUGE of legends $500 k …

  3. Oblivion
    Oblivion says:

    Tf? This documentary is made only for americans lol… an entire episode talking about the college… 200k in debt for school??? Why don’t you go to study in another country?

  4. Hall Sawyer
    Hall Sawyer says:

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  5. Minda Kahn
    Minda Kahn says:

    I think this is an excellent series. You get great historical info in 20-30 minute sound bites. The group of celebrity narrators are all excellent. If you want to watch a series that is stress free. You may like this.

  6. Lester Faapaiaga
    Lester Faapaiaga says:

    Aw man it was 2am and I found this and watched all of it and now it’s 4am and I wanna learn more! This was so cool and educational I recommend people to watch this I will now to my friends and family


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