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jennifer lawrence, javier bardem, ed harris and michelle pfeiffer star in mother!, directed by darren aronofsky. see it in theatres 9.15.

a couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence. from filmmaker darren aronofsky (black swan, requiem for a dream), mother! stars jennifer lawrence, javier bardem, ed harris and michelle pfeiffer in this riveting psychological thriller about love, devotion and sacrifice.

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30 replies
  1. Matt Reservin
    Matt Reservin says:

    Another movie about sacrificing babies and the purgatory time loop that they’re trying to promote. Hollywoods really trying to program the audiences to seeing more and more baby sacrifices, pedophilia and cannibalism hoping one day the people will be okay with it lol

  2. Jonjon Sin
    Jonjon Sin says:

    This movie was ok but I didn't quite get it. Thought it could have been explained a bit better, it seemed like a cult movie. When the police and military start busting in it just gets a bit fantastic. It seemed pretty realistic then it just went bonkers to me. I just think they should have toned it down a bit. Maybe less people. The house was almost like a city inside…there were some amazing scenes in this movie and I'd still say it was entertaining, just thought it could have been put together and explained just better

  3. Clau
    Clau says:

    i watched this movie yesterday and after reading all the context behind it, i appreciate it much more. Still, it was a hard watch for me, i liked the tension and the confusion surrounding everything, but some scenes were hard to watch. I won't spoil anything, but i'm sensitive to violence against the weak and helpless, not that i'm sensitive to gore, it's just that this kind of violence angers me a lot and booooy did i cry in some scenes out of anger and frustration. It's not my favourite movie, but it is really good, i probably won't watch it again but i still enjoyed it, very very clever writing

  4. H S
    H S says:

    I watched this film alone in the theater. I had tears in my eyes at the end. Truly an outstanding, meaningful film and an outstanding performance by Jennifer.

  5. MDSR
    MDSR says:

    this movie is fucking crazy. the subtle symbolism is incredible. It drives you insane that how could Jennifer Lawrence tolerated everything from the beginning. shit this movie had me trippin balls on those guests like goddaamnnn

  6. Joshua Corocoto
    Joshua Corocoto says:

    For those who don't understand, Jennifer Laurence represents both Mother Nature and Mother Mary. Javier Bardem represent God (thus explaining their age gap). The book (I believe it was a novel) that Javier is writing is the Bible. The man who first came into the house is Adam and the woman is Eve. Cain and Abel are represented by their two sons. Jennifer represents Mother Mary because she gave birth to Jesus, whom the people immediately begin praising. Javier Bardem wishes to take their son in order to show the public his "son." Jennifer also represents Mother Nature by showing us how humans begin to enter the house and cause havoc. That one scene where random people start painting the house's wall is our way of demonstrating that we want to help the earth, even if mother nature (Jennifer) wants us to leave.

  7. NoNameUnknown
    NoNameUnknown says:

    Judging from the comments, no wonder I didn't get the meaning of this. It has nothing to do with being uneducated or educated. It just depends on what you were taught or believe in. If you've read the bible, you'll know exactly what the movie is referring to. As for myself, I thought this movie was interesting to watch and weird at the same time. The acting was pretty good to me, but u won't get the 'message'…UNLESS you know to compare it to the made up stories a.k.a the bible.

  8. El Raton
    El Raton says:

    Stupidest movie I've EVER seen; I don't care what others think. It sucked! Yes, I read online what it's about, but I will never see another movie (if I can help it!) if I know the director/writers are wanting us to think too hard or to form our own conclusions. No thanks!!! Ain't nobody got time for that!

  9. Chaoitcme
    Chaoitcme says:

    You can really see that Paramount did not know how to handle this and just tried to market it as a standard thriller.

    I can understand why the general public hated this movie upon release. A lot of people were not prepared for the abstract elements of this movie.

  10. Jocelyn Baldwin
    Jocelyn Baldwin says:

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  11. Hanna
    Hanna says:

    Great message about religion and how humanity destroys the earth. Too bad that it's basically covered up by torture porn in the end. Jennifer Lawrence really got to show how great of an actress she is though.


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