Movies That Scared My Pants Off ft. Quentin Tarantino & Stephen King | Eli Roth's History of Horror

Stephen King, Quentin Tarantino and more stars describe their terrifyingly memorable experiences seeing some of the most beloved horror movies on the silver screen for the first time.

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Eli Roth’s History of Horror Vignette: Movies That Scared My Pants Off

Stephen King, Linda Blair, Rob Zombie, Joe Dante and others reveal the horror movies that had the greatest impact on them as children.

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26 replies
  1. PrankZabba
    PrankZabba says:

    My opening night of Blair Witch was front row, like up in the nostril section.

    Not that it was a horror movie, but I remember walking out of Natural Born Killers on opening night totally confused. You know how they say a certain album can change how you enjoy music. That movie was like a full blown eye opener. Of course we were like, what in the hell? Kinda wish I went back to seen it again. But mustve seen it close to 100 times by now.

  2. Shadow
    Shadow says:

    The only movie that ever scared me was trilogy of terror but that was because I was a boy allowed to watch such crap.
    How in the world can a rational adult be scared by bullshit?

  3. Khaos Hellion
    Khaos Hellion says:

    Wasn't in the theatre but watching Fire In The Sky by myself late night on HBO when I was a kid did it for me. The experiment scene still gets me everytime I watch it.

  4. Rooster J
    Rooster J says:

    Friday the 13th part 1 is the one that got me scared enough that even Disneyland couldn't bring me back. The scene that sent me over the edge was at the end when the last teenage girl alive had just beheaded Ms Vorhees and is floating in a canoe in the lake. The water was like glass, everything seemed to be okay and then Jason's dead body jumps out of the water and grabs the girl and pulls her in the water. I was traumatized. I was 10 years old.

  5. Chuyito Pizana
    Chuyito Pizana says:

    I still remember when my mom took me to go see benicio del toro’s wolfman remake when i was like 4 years old and jesus christ bro i had never seen any movie as badass as that it was so good that i begged my mom to buy the dvd for me, and i also remember when i went to go see The Purge ( the first one with ethan hawke) and i was just hooked it was the coolest movie i had ever seen, personally it is my favorite purge movies i know other people say that the sequels were more badass but i preferred this one, but the movie that really got to me was the IT remake in 2017, holy jesus i had trouble sleeping after watching that movie the whole movie just had a disturbing and helpless vibe, and another stephen king remake that i really liked was Pet Semetary, literally there was this young couple that went there like 40 minutes in they literally left and that movie suprisingly got to me not as much as the original but it did kind of get to me

  6. C M
    C M says:

    For a long time I just refused to watch the exorcist and when I became an adult I finally bought the DVD and it still took a long time for me to actually watch it lol

  7. brandon lewis
    brandon lewis says:

    Blair Witch wins. Nothing like that has ever happened. It was a cultural phenomenon. They used our lack of computer technology against us and threw this found footage format at an audience who, for the most part, had never even been aware of it. A disconnect happens anytime you watch a movie. Even if it impacts you deeply, you return to reality. It was fiction. You disconnect. With this movie, that wasn't the case for a LOT of people. People cried in the theaters. There was all kinds of confusion. People literally traveled to Maryland to search the woods (look it up).
    Love the movie. Hate the movie. Doesn't matter. Blair Witch is unmatched in the effect it had.

  8. Morbid Mattski
    Morbid Mattski says:

    Wait how did Bill Hader see the Texas chainsaw massacre 1974 in the theatre?
    And holy shit Joe Dante that was me!! Lol obviously not unless he was in Alberta but I literally stood up at the end of the movie only one in the theatre just as the lights were coming on and I said that’s it??????
    Because there was so much hype over it and I was so looking forward to it and I thought the story was real and I wasn’t 100% sure on whether or not any footage was real but I definitely thought the whole story was real with the way they put it together.
    It’s not that I turned on it but I remember being a little disappointed because I was expecting A bigger scare or a few more moments of that before it had to end. Without a doubt it is the definitive found footage movie imho.


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