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About Mozart in the Jungle:
What happens behind the curtains at the symphony is just as captivating as what happens on stage. Created by Paul Weitz (About a Boy), Roman Coppola (The Darjeeling Limited), and Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore). Brash new maestro Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal) is stirring things up, and young oboist Hailey (Lola Kirke) hopes for her big chance.

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Mozart in the Jungle – Season 1 Trailer | Prime Video

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41 replies
  1. steff
    steff says:

    I really really like this show, although I'm not into classic music. But it's so passionate! And also really entertaining. If you've got Amazon Prime you have to watch it, it's totally worth it:)

  2. cumbresbo
    cumbresbo says:

    I kind of understand why people are hating this show, the most of people prefer to see shows like Game of thrones where people are nude, having sex and killing without reason the 90% of the time, or the same series about doctors, lawyers or cops, so typical. Anyway I love it and I am waiting the 3rd season.

  3. Nina Rene Soreco
    Nina Rene Soreco says:

    I am such a fan. It's funny, sexy, intelligent, passionate, classy. Well written, beautifully acted, with impeccable production value. I know I'll be rewatching the whole show sometime in the future.

  4. Wonder Freeman
    Wonder Freeman says:

    Yaron Brook introduced me to this show. Mozart in the Jungle in different to most TV because it appeals to peoples higher values rather than just going for the dumb and dumber crowd.

  5. Joel Stucki
    Joel Stucki says:

    As an orchestral musician, I really really wanted to love this show. But after the first two episodes, I just couldn't take it anymore. It turns the entire profession into a pile of total B.S. Makes it look 1,000 times easier to get into an orchestra than it actually is, and basically turns my profession into a circus. It's entertaining TV, but it's total bull, and I just can't stand watching it.


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