Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight Trailer (HBO Films)

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The new HBO Film, Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight, premieres Saturday, October 5th at 8PM. Only on HBO.

Music featured in this video:
“The Way Instrumental” performed by Zack Hemsey
“Curiocity” performed by Multiverse
“Sarajevo” performed by Multiverse

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39 replies
  1. jordon146
    jordon146 says:

    Getting beaten up by real American men lmao what the hell are you on about. He was champion of the world and anyone who would have sparred with him in the army would have got there ass beat, Ali knew he did not have to fight and could have done the boxing exhibitions to inspire the army but he said he had his religious believes and It was a lot harder for him to take a stance moron but he did it. Ali is regarded as a hero by most of the world for his stance against the war so deal with it.

  2. jordon146
    jordon146 says:

    You are an idiot and ignorant for saying "Who gives a shit what it did with its medal?" blacks was treated unfairly back then and he had his reasons for not going to war. Do you know he had the decision overturned and the charges dropped? Why do you think this happen? You have no prove he was coward. Religion is massive and Ali has always had faith even when he got Parkinson's syndrome

  3. jordon146
    jordon146 says:

    If he was a coward he would have taken the fight exhibitions in the army and not even lift a gun but the truth is he was brave and disagreed with the war and it went against his religious believes.

  4. Red Horse Adventures
    Red Horse Adventures says:

    I have always believed that Ali was a BIG reason why the military draft no longer exists…

    To those that say Ali was a fraud and used the Muslim faith as a crutch…He still kneels to the East 5 times a day…

  5. JazzKeyboardist1
    JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    most white's fought for the Union forces because the rebels attacked fort sumter, Because the white's felt just like americans did on 9/11,, but after the civil war started they realized,,, why am I risking my life fighting to free the black man when Muhammad ali will just ridicule me in this movie, oops just had my arm shot off by a rebel, your welcome ali,,

  6. Cool Girls
    Cool Girls says:

    i am not a blackman,but if you take a look at around you you will fond out how smart are thay? who is the best giutar player ?who is the best boxer ? who is most intelligent peaole in NASA and………thay dident have a chance to live normal life becouse of your racsism and now thay start to screw you and your womens with big dick ,lol

  7. Corrado Soprano
    Corrado Soprano says:

    When does the white guilt end that's what Id like to know. It's bad enough when these spin doctors re-write the civil war. Now they're re-writing modern history too. The man was an extremist and a draft dodger. Just because he wanted to make it all about skin Color doesn't get him off the hook and it doesn't make anyone a racist for sending his black ass to prison. Ted Williams had to put his professional baseball career on hold to serve his country during WWII. He did what he had to do without protesting and making a spectacle of himself. Ted could have used his career or religion or race as an excuse not to serve but he didn't. Wouldn't it have mattered to Ali if it was WWII, The Korean war, Vietnam or The United States Civil War? No it wouldn't have. He thought because he changed his name and became a Muslim that he didn't have to fight for his country palin and simple.

  8. Tor
    Tor says:

    I   watched   this,   Ali   is   the thread    which binds this tale that    ONLY scratches     the surface of just how  __   we    ___   are                              .

  9. Marsha Creary
    Marsha Creary says:

    The exchange between Chief Justice John Marshall Halan and Chief Justice Warren Burger regarding the separation between their rulings and the political world was telling. When it was revealed that the close relationship between Chief Justice John Marshall Halan and the President of the United States influenced not only that decision (and were probably always influencing every decision ever made both behind closed doors and in the high court) it was a pivotal moment. This is similar to the dual relationships in counseling and therapy as it is with judges having to recuse themselves in a court case.


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