My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet the Haarts!

My Unorthodox Life is a new Netflix reality series centered around the personal and professional life of fashion mogul Julia Haart, a former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community turned CEO of Elite World Group, and her family. Since taking the reins of a global talent empire, Haart has been on a mission to revolutionize the industry from the inside out – all while being a mother of four. Her children include Batsheva, a TikToker who got married at 19, Miriam, an app designer carving her own path, Shlomo, a future lawyer navigating dating in New York City, and Aron, a high schooler torn between two conflicting cultures.

They’re unconventional and unstoppable. Watch My Unorthodox Life beginning July 14th only on Netflix:


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My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

Follow Julia Haart, Elite World Group CEO and a former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and her adult kids in this reality series.

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  1. Martha Kahnwald
    Martha Kahnwald says:

    I love the mom!!! Fearless and very brave! All women should have control of their life. Not controlled by some community or religion! You go girl, Julia Haart! You are an inspiration to women of every race to have control over their life!!!!

  2. Charlotte Marie Toussat
    Charlotte Marie Toussat says:

    Netflix, it's very tiresome your tendency to throw opprobrium on all communities whose values don't resemble yours. It's like your portrayal of Nadia in Elite who is empowered just when she takes off her hijab. Disgusting

    BIG NENA says:

    Está seríe es buenísima. Me cansé de ver personas que solo viven de la frivolidad y el que dirán de otros en sus otras series…. Pongan a personas que realmente tienen una historia y un legado/misión para la comunidad. Está seríe me encanta hasta ahora (capitulo 5 temporada 1) y me inspira. Tienen una comunicación muy clara y conversaciones que aportar valor sentimental y social. Vengo de familia judío cristiana. Nunca fui fanática de nada pero siempre festeje las dos religiones por igual y respeté a mis abuelos de ambos "lados" y ellos siempre se respetaron entre si. La única persona que me hizo entender que el fanatismo daña, fue mi propio tío, ultra judío ortodoxo (rabino de habad lubavitch (no se si se escribe así), que cuando fui a abrazarlo corriendo a mi edad de 7 áños, me dijo que no podía abrazarme por la religión. Me sentí muy triste y discriminada… también porque mi mamá es "católica" y ellos (mis tíos religiosos) nunca estaban en las reuniones con nosotros por esa razón. Eso me hizo entender que esta mal separar a otros por pensar distinto.

  4. suihtflava
    suihtflava says:

    Not worth watching! I Wonder if this was all a scam to get people to watch them. Or was it fiction? The media has revealed some nasty things about Julia and her enstranged husband who btw by the time the show aired, they were already separated. I feel cheated!

  5. Private Concierge
    Private Concierge says:

    If you pay attention to their language and how they communicate, some of these people are truly sickening, as if you can't comprehend, some of the things being said. it should be canceled! Seriously. Pay close attention to the code words and the words references or euphemisms expressed with minorities!

  6. Yasmine
    Yasmine says:

    Look….i dont care what she does wkth her life..wtv…but the thing that infuriated me the most, is the fact that only because she had bad experiences she's trying to force her beliefs on aron. If he wants to be religious, then let him be , damn

  7. G
    G says:

    The lesbian daughter is such a clown…barely any life experience or understanding what a long term relationship is – yet likes to throw in her 2c

  8. tikigoddess23
    tikigoddess23 says:

    This show is very interesting. It's scary, weird, & interesting. They low key escaped a cult, but I really don't like the oldest daughter. She's very stuck up & snooty. She enjoys the money but looks down her nose at her sister & mom and props herself up on a pedestal. It's super annoying. The eldest son is gay lol… it's so clear. Mom is controlling. Let your young son keep his faith if he wants it. You may not believe in it anymore, but he has the right to. I feel bad for the eldest daughters husband. He just can't get a word in. The middle daughter is cool, but she tries too hard to PROVE she's gay. Girl, lol… a lot of bitches eat box. Just be normal. The gay assistant is the best. Love him

  9. karen kiebooms
    karen kiebooms says:

    I gave it a try for less than 5 minutes, but the alarm bells were so stressful that I give it up – how can you be so DEAF for the duble messages?
    Katherina is my official name, my parents called me Karin and I changed it inot Karen when I went to graduate school (logopedic sciences).
    Kater-INA is the baclash of how people have treated me here, in Antwerp and the INA stands for Israël, Nederland and Amerika. The translation of kater is tomcat or hangover, in this particular situation, I would choose for hangover – The Boston Tea Party 2.0 … Let me share my latest insight – the meaning of the forgotten word AL(en) … Alen (oel, is gealen) meant growing or making grow -> Ba'al = making grow the BA or the male & material energy of welfare (the counterpart, KA, has to do with the female & spiritual energy -> making grow the wellness).
    What do you teach us, when you are making a problem of something that doesn't appears to be a problem at all. I don't have her financial resources to make my life comfortable and decided not to deny the real problems that put us, women into oppression. Ther is only me to complement your lack of insight and explaining the ka-ba-la the way I do is able to restore the image of a Goddess next to a male God -> the God of the Ba & the Goddess of the Ka. My parents were not rich in a material sense, but they learned me how to have a rich life with simple things that don't cost a fortune. I am the ONE expected, I am your Gentile Bride and that needs an explanation, but I don't even get a chance to explain the basics of my reasoning. Why repllacing good material for a lie – an empty hand is easily filled, but an empty head is a bottomless pit. My life has been forcasted ages ago, but being a 'daughter' instead of a son, made it impossible to convince my entourage (I must have some mental issues, isn't it). Life is a moment in time and Antwerp was the designated place where I would live (even Napoleon knew that) – you've LOST me again and I'm not responsible for the consequences. Israel, the Netherlands and the U.S.A. have interfered with my life and I can prove it – now, we're back at the start of a next cycle -> what will the collective decide this time? I don't care anymore, my hourglass is empty, so it will be YOUR problem without my support. I remember several lives before this one and took my time to understand that system of 'reincarnation' – every life is a unique story, even every life I can remember, so my next life will be a whole new adventure that will continue what I have started now. Reincarnation exists, but not in the way as the masters teach us, the keeper of the ka has to be a woman that gave birth at least one time to return to the place where life starts and ends – the rest is only speculation (or even worse, maintaining the rituals) …

  10. britturk123
    britturk123 says:

    Judaism is not as bad as this series portrays nor is Secularism as thoughtless and filthy this is just an entertainment value show, the mum is slightly coco puffs nuts and she wants the world to know everything warts and all, I guess she has not heard of Pornhub quite yet.

  11. CalicaY
    CalicaY says:

    Having watched the first season now, it’s nice to see a family that is so loving and close and generally good people who are not afraid to be who they are without the cringe factor like some other tv reality show families

  12. Niki Florendo
    Niki Florendo says:

    I’m sure Julia is talented and smart, but she is a textbook manipulative person. She keeps on saying she wants to empower people, that she wants freedom for everyone, but she’s forcing Robert to date and Aaron to live a secular life when it’s obviously not what they want for themselves.


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