Netflix Presents Lucifer: The Many Faces Of The Devil | Netflix

Religions around the world are full of malevolent beings. Nightmares that made life hell for humans. And then there’s Lucifer – arguably history’s most famous bad guy. Here’s a look at the world’s ancient dark Gods, and how, if you look closely, you can see parts of them in our favorite Devil.

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Netflix Presents Lucifer: The Many Faces Of The Devil | Netflix

Lucifer makes a tumultuous return to the land of the living in hopes of making things right with Chloe. A devil’s work is never done.

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  1. Charisma Hornum-Fries
    Charisma Hornum-Fries says:

    It’s a bit of a challenge merging this knowledge with The Sandman universe Lucifer is from. It took a long time getting used to Lucifer not being blonde and Michael doesn’t have long blond hair. Amenadiel is also a mystery. It’s a good thing that The Sandman is also coming to Netflix as that might explain a lot more.

  2. Maria Medina
    Maria Medina says:

    I don't get how people don't see that it's demonic. People wake up. Hollywood is numbing you to watch evil things. This and Cuties should be the reason why people should cancel Netflix!

  3. Kellen Alvim
    Kellen Alvim says:

    Lucifer's showrunner found the best way to torture the devil in season 5 and 6, after four seasons of therapy, tragedy, a half-angel baby, a nudist colony, and more devil puns than should reasonably be able to fit into one series, Lucifer is in a same place from whence it began: Lucifer Moningstar is a charming and deeply traumatized devil that cannot be happy.

  4. IBP2.0
    IBP2.0 says:

    It’s actually hilarious how most of the people who watch Lucifer doesn’t know it’s DC show and it’s sorta part of arrow verse. ( the creators said it is but Netflix don’t allow)

  5. GoPrankBoi 123 YT
    GoPrankBoi 123 YT says:

    Yeah, I'm at the top of the globe
    I got the torch
    We 'bout to burn down the thrones
    We need a change
    Look at the world that we live
    Look how the evil has grown
    All the innocents lost
    We need a new beginning, man the vision is off
    We need to rage, wage war
    Yeah, we need to rage on
    I am here, war boots I'ma buy a pair
    No suits just the fighters here
    Grassroots and some riot gear
    I'm still fly like a pilot chair
    Bravehearts never die in fear
    I ain't a stranger to the danger
    I'ma live and I'm dyin' here, yeah

  6. Roze i
    Roze i says:

    I had two dreams Jezus shows me that his skin is dark like usher so beautiful. and in the other dream I saw Lucifer himself he was a beautiful biracial man looking like a marocan man his hair was black Curly not to short but not Long.

  7. 2 StarLine
    2 StarLine says:

    Lucifer doesn't exist in him no more.
    That's why he goes by Satan.
    Are people to scared to say Satan?
    Or is Lucifer more light name for you people?

    Yes I'm talking to the entire world. You all keep thinking it's lucifer.

    The fact is:
    Lucifer existed one time ago but not anymore. The very same person is known by a new name.

    Ps. I'm in christianity I was born in christianity.

    This is just irritating when people don't get the name correctly.


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