Next Time on Better Call Saul Ep. 603 | Mondays at 9pm on AMC

Here’s the bigger picture: a new #BetterCallSaul premieres Monday at 9pm on AMC and AMC+.

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Next Time | Better Call Saul | Mondays at 9pm on AMC

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24 replies
  1. SpectoWatch
    SpectoWatch says:

    The people most likely will find out that Jorge de Guzman is actually Lalo. Spooge says Jimmy is "Salamanca's guy" after all. Perhaps Howard will weaponize Jimmy's cartel ties in his case against him

  2. nacho fnub
    nacho fnub says:

    The only reason this show does moderately well is because of its association with #BreakingBad

    Each time Vince shoots, you know it's him. Every shot is a real piece of work.

    When Saul fires back at others with legal mumbo jumbo, it sort of gets interesting. When Saul has dialog with his woman, it's snoozeville. Any time this show links to Breaking Bad, it starts to get interesting again. But other than that, this show is like molasses in the winter. But that's just my opinion. I'll shut up now. And I'll most likely tune in each week as I always do.

  3. Ryan Castner
    Ryan Castner says:

    "Best show on TV"
    I've seen this quote my entire life next to half the shows I've ever seen, and never once agreed with it and usually would laugh. This is the first time I see that and fully agree

  4. F F
    F F says:

    I was excited for this show when i first heard about it but was also skeptical because it was going to be a prequel about Saul Goodman. Never would I thought this show would be on par with BB but also develop compelling characters besides Jimmy and Mike but in Kim, Nacho, Chuck basically every actor delivers. Their is so much fan service to those who've watched and ❤️ BB, and if you haven't watched it this show will make you!

  5. plop pill
    plop pill says:

    Can the last episode of Better Call Saul equal or top the last episode of Breaking Bad? Maybe the Badfinger song No Matter What when Saul and Kim get back together again?


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