Noah Movie Official Trailer

The official trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins.

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  1. TorchwoodUK
    TorchwoodUK says:

    so part of this movie is to have Noah not let people in the arc, exactly how much are they going to try and make us hate humanity, as otherwise there is no way we will see Noah as a sympathetic character. Also what will Gods production company logo look like? (after all thats the only reason I got to see movies these days, for all the production company logos)

  2. Wally Stowell
    Wally Stowell says:

    I am so sick of these old testament movies made with blue eyed white people… Come on! Whats next, Arnold Schwarzenegger in "The Exodus" story..?  How much before people OD on bullshit?

  3. Cappy Social
    Cappy Social says:

    Booo! If people actually believe this movie is about the biblical account they are gravely mistaken. This isn't even close to the Sumerian texts, or Epic of Gilgamesh, or Greek Myths. This is nothing like the book of Enoch or the Bible either. This is a Hollywood waste of money, and your time.

  4. F4c2a
    F4c2a says:

    It doesn't look that bad, actually. Emma Watson not capable of facial expression, Crowe just being Crowe, Anthony Hopkins just is and that's enough. Plot is gonna be boring as hell but yeah. Other than all that, why not.

  5. Кевин Юань
    Кевин Юань says:

    A comet probably strike the earth ocean causing a giant bloom of water/steams to eject from the ocean to the upper atmosphere where it finally condense and rain for 40 days & 40 nights, flooding the world coastal and related community.  But I am pretty sure if you live on top of the mountain, it probably would not affected you. 

  6. super2NE1generation
    super2NE1generation says:

    This movie really sucks! It will blow your mind, literally. This is the worst movie I've ever seen and I regret that I've just wasted my time for watching this (i didn't finish it ). It is not a recommendable movie and never dare to watch it.

  7. I am love
    I am love says:

    I can not find the directors cut or unrated version. At the end there was blood pooling out of his mouth as he laid on his back and now it is gone! I can not find it… What did you do PPictures? What is this mandella effect BS?

  8. CobraDove
    CobraDove says:

    People dont understand the symbolism of water…it is the Holy See, the BANKS, the economy, money. See Frozen or liquid assets, current cy running between two banks. The banking world will end by a FLOOD. Research what your birth certificate is, ALL DEBTS ARE PAID when you accept the Trust offered in Christs name, the state legally owns the LEGAL NAME and so then must legally pay….YOU GET THE PROPERTY AS GOD PROMISED, but you must give up THE MONEY

  9. Pastor Carlos Ortiz Torres
    Pastor Carlos Ortiz Torres says:

    By watching the trailer I already know is not completely based on the Bible. It is very sad to see how they want to alterate the word of God. Im going watch it, yes of course I need to keep my self educated and safe from those that are coming to "confuse and trying to change our believes". Kind of funny how they project Noahs family as his wife and little kids and a daughter…when the Bible states he had three boys and by that time they were married. Well, like I say…they are coming to bring confusion to this world. OPEN YOUR EYES WORLD!!! GODS WORD IS ONE….

  10. T McGe
    T McGe says:

    This movie was FREAKING horrible….They were going to call it Moses until somebody pointed out Moses wasn't alive during the time of the flood. Question, DID THEY EVEN READ THE STORY FROM THE BIBLE?

  11. Mark Beaudry
    Mark Beaudry says:

    It's interesting the way the movie takes the science of evolution and incorporates it into none existing scripture because the Bible is in sharp contrast to the physical universe.

  12. Dean Walker
    Dean Walker says:

    Just had to watch this ridiculous nonsense hoping it would be hilarious. It was funny at times but unfortunately it was just plain ridiculous overall. How anyone could take this story seriously is unfathomable.


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