NOS4A2: 'A Fight For Their Souls' Season Premiere Official Trailer | New AMC Series

His evil. Her gift. A fight for their souls. Don’t miss the series premiere, Sunday, June 2 at 10/9c.


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29 replies
  1. Blake Martin
    Blake Martin says:

    If you have read the novel this show is almost unwatchable…this is not the brat. The brat loved her mdma and acid and didn’t care about school. She never met bing in her younger years. She was a loner and her father was an asshole that skipped out long ago.

  2. acetate909
    acetate909 says:

    I didn't even know they were adapting this. This is going to be a very very hard novel to translate effectively. I hope they pull it off. This is by far Joe Hills best novel and was one of my favorite works of fiction that year, maybe my favorite. I can not believe that I am just finding out about this project.

  3. Danny Reyna
    Danny Reyna says:

    Series is dull and boring.
    Too obvious and too cliche using daddy's old formula. Clairvoyant vs evil. Got to be original Joe the series is dragging and I'm falling asleep.

  4. Karen Surland
    Karen Surland says:

    Hey ,. If you'd stop with the comments about TWD and Joe Hill's book and just stick with the show itself and actually watch it and THEN critique it , you might be able to be fair and honest .

  5. KiamarMasterT
    KiamarMasterT says:

    Anybody else want Charlie and Bing dead? I feel so bad for the little boy in the beginning. Charlie Manx ruined his life and killed his mom who really loved him. He liiiies to all of them poor kids and turned him into little savage monsters. To the kids he's a father. To us he's a beast

  6. Agent N
    Agent N says:

    Love Joe Hill, Locke And Key is one of my favorite comicbooks of all time but this story just didn’t grab me. But Hope this does well so he can get more of his stories made


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