NOS4A2 Official Teaser: 'Someone Bad is Coming' | New Series Coming This Summer

Someone bad is coming. Don’t miss the series premiere, coming this summer on AMC.


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NOS4A2 Season 1 Teaser

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24 replies
  1. Pamela Hicks
    Pamela Hicks says:

    I remember renting the original black and white silent film. Rumors were the "actor" that played Nosferatu was a real vampire. I didn't buy that, but it made it interesting. Looking forward to this modern version.

  2. Kaleb R Blackman
    Kaleb R Blackman says:

    Easily my favorite of Joe Hills work. It has everything, its creepy, engaging, well-written characters. I know this is saying a lot, but I outright up there with some of his father's classic work.

  3. Tyranny Stopper
    Tyranny Stopper says:

    keep your evil out of Rhode Island

    This world is run by a satanic pedophile cabal

    and this "show" is just another brick in the wall
    AMC = Destruction of American Values and the Love of EVIL

  4. Linda
    Linda says:

    This show interested me from start. Now that i been watching it i can't stop… It really is good. I know im only on episode 3. I love VIK AKA:: brat. And the medium. Just creepy and strange. Looking forward to watching more…


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