Nuclear Family (2021) | Official Trailer | HBO

There are two sides to every story.

In Nuclear Family, Ry Russo-Young reexamines the landmark legal decision that would change the way gay families were perceived forever. The HBO original documentary series premieres September 26 on HBO Max. #HBO #NuclearFamilyDoc Subscribe to HBO on YouTube:

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Nuclear Family (2021) | Official Trailer | HBO

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  1. John Wayne
    John Wayne says:

    This is what happens when you rebel against God, your Creator, and His will for your life: chaos.

    Turn to Jesus and repent, because He is returning soon! It is not His will that any should perish…

  2. Nikki Jones
    Nikki Jones says:

    Watched both episodes n I just feel like they wanted tom to care n love both girls ( one tht was not his n the bio-dad had stop coming round due to drinking) but at the same time not care n love them enough to be considered their dad or an important person to them I just think they should have waited till they were 18 n gave the girls the dad's information n let them work out some relationship then .

  3. Mark Summers
    Mark Summers says:

    The mothers admit at one point they would have used guns and whatever to not lose their girls. At the end they deny the truth that it was their way or the highway and refuse to admit how they unfairly treated Tom, even when he was facing his last few days on earth. Without him they would not have had Ry but treated him like a dog. Shame on them. Those girls deserved better- honesty.

  4. Susan Rose Gale
    Susan Rose Gale says:

    The cliché "it's complicated" describes this movie well. I think Ry-Russo-Young did us a huge service, with a lot of care and skill in creating a drama-documentary of the real thing; family, love, fear, struggle, ignorance and innocence all wrapped up in grace, and forgiveness. Showing the truth is hard to do and with such intimate material. Bravo – well done!

  5. Marina Amarillys
    Marina Amarillys says:

    I almost knew right away smth was gonna go wrong when they let the dads be involved. They opened this can of worms. I feel very sad for Tom and for his daughter. Mothers were selfish! All he wanted was visitation!!! I’m glad she grew up and realized what happened. That’s because she became a mom so that is why she started understanding where he came from

  6. gtsound12
    gtsound12 says:

    Man those mothers were selfish, toxic and overall bad people.. I don’t even think they realize how nasty and terrible they come across.. they live in their own bubble and their narcissism doesn’t allow them to care about anyone but themselves. Even their children’s happiness doesn’t trump that. The daughter lost alot by the hands of the mothers and they don’t even realize it was their fault.

  7. ELM 1996
    ELM 1996 says:

    I think the mothers would have had more of the moral high ground if they didn't let him see his daughter at all and then out of the blue he demands parental rights. When in reality letting his kid visit him regularly and create a bond was cruel and I don't understand what they thought was the benefit of that? Like there are other less invested paternal figures she could have had growing up.

  8. S P
    S P says:

    They fought hard for their rights which is really commendable.

    On the other hand they passed on their generational trauma to their kids.

    I feel bad for both of the kids who got caught in the middle of all of it.


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