Official Clip | Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law | Disney+

Family dinners, right? 😒

Check out this clip from Episode 2 of Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, streaming tomorrow on Disney+.

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35 replies
  1. Koushik Barman
    Koushik Barman says:

    Marvel should bring world war Hulk movie after this showing hulk suffers from multiple personality disorder where sometimes he becomes hulk, professor hulk and world war Hulk . I love this idea like if you want it to be noticed by Marvel ❤️

  2. Greg
    Greg says:

    This show is just pure bad! If you wanted to look up the definition of a bad show with poor CGI and even worse writing this show would be right at the front. It’s on par with some of the worst programming & movies released by the M-She-U.

    As a paying adult there is a reason I stopped giving my money to marvel products since Endgame was in the cinema. I have just gone back to old school comic books when stories were fun and concepts weren’t used for political messages. Such a shame as I had hoped to enjoy She Hulk but it’s clearly not meant for someone like me.

  3. Zeropoint
    Zeropoint says:

    Marvel can you please add spiderman Ultimate back to Apple Store
    And if you can’t do it can you please tell someone to do it I’m looking at stuff to do about it never works

  4. Caiera Su'mara
    Caiera Su'mara says:

    OK spotted a gaff in this episode that screws with their continuity.
    At the end of She-Hulk episode 2, we see that this is set during the Shang Chi movie when Abomination and Wong are fighting, as seen in the mobile phone shot footage of Abomination and Wong fighting.
    So, basically, the end of Ep 2 is set during the Shang Chi movie,
    However, at the end of the movie we see Bruce speaking with Wong and Captain Marvel with his arm in a sling, yet, The Hulk's arm is all fixed before episode 2 of She-Hulk and he's whizzing off to Sakaar with a fully healed arm
    Its a continuity fudge up.

  5. Arcadia Berger
    Arcadia Berger says:

    This family gathering reminds me of the scene where Jen visits her father for Thanksgiving and asks who all the other people at the house are. Dad tells her they're her brothers and sisters, who have brought her nieces and nephews. She glares out of the page and angrily informs John Byrne that she's an only child. In the next panel, she's alone with her father.
    Looks as though the MCU has other plans for her.

  6. leww1982
    leww1982 says:

    Please Someone put marvel to sleep, this is probably the worst product of all of it and after seeing MS marvel that are mayor words, marvel can't stand more marvel bullshit there are so many goddamn shows, movies full with jokes, basic corny stories and bad CGI. pls marvel just stop


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