Official Extended World War Z Clip

Brad Pitt stars in WORLD WAR Z movie.
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  1. werewolfbalto123
    werewolfbalto123 says:

    How can a zombie be stupid as well they act on instinct if they see you across on another building they won't take a lift down go to next building run up no he just try run off building he the idiot

  2. Eduardo Moreira
    Eduardo Moreira says:

    I support your idea. If the zombies to walk like snails, was not a major threat to the world and it was easy to end the epidemic. In this film, the zombies are intelligent and is just as if they were programmed to eat and spread the virus.

  3. werewolfbalto123
    werewolfbalto123 says:

    Well depends on the virus really all we know on zombie they act in hordes and instinct to survive maybe the virus is reacted the brain some how and tells it survive by eating every living thing with flesh, who really know why I love zombie there such a mystery

  4. TheKanjiX
    TheKanjiX says:

    Jumping zombies. Speedy zombies. Surprising intellect. Superstrength. Superior numbers. Supernatural sense. High rate and speed infection. Dafuq man, WHO MADE THESE ZOMBIES FCKING OP?!?!

  5. Shadownet
    Shadownet says:

    Eventually run out of ammo and even an entire division of well armed troops can't handle a huge army of zombies at once, regardless of speed. Too many targets; too many to shoot at, too little ammunition…unless, of course, you carpet bomb the mofos back to Hell.

  6. manohara rao
    manohara rao says:

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  7. Rakesh Unni
    Rakesh Unni says:

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  8. Wouter de Waal
    Wouter de Waal says:

    In The Walking Dead, the zombies weren't slow in the beginning.
    They're slow because they've been rotting, their muscles and other vital parts aren't what they used to be when the people weren't infected.

    This is what I think of it.

  9. Cogs
    Cogs says:

    Good point I also thought the same thing. But if you read the book (which I recommend) Goverments mainly disbanded due to panic. In the book most death comes from panic, stealing, and miss information. Also the infected came in the millions so even with great defense sometimes shear numbers can outlast static defense.

  10. darkhunter2233
    darkhunter2233 says:

    well when you run out of bullets what are you going to do and if they had a large number of zombies they could do it considering they will infect poeple without weapons and the poeple who die daily

  11. Kaarlito Small
    Kaarlito Small says:

    It doesn't matter what speed the zombie moves at it's the fact that how and where it spreaded. If the disease spread through a type of food then a good portion of the population would have already turned and began spreading the disease without the government or the population being aware. That's why in the walking dead on the highway there were ALOT of empty cars leading out of the city. People didn't know about the disease until it was too late.

  12. MilitantPeaceist
    MilitantPeaceist says:

    Terms are not 'made up' in any dictionary, they are a reference of common usage among other reasons.
    Your last reaction was an atypical response from a twat & ironic how you call someone else an 'armchair commando' while you carry on like an idiot, fighting the war on pixels.
    Keeping with the theme of this thread, you are in need of some BrAiNz!


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