Official "Footloose" Trailer- In Theaters October 14

In theaters October 14

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  1. jellybeankisser
    jellybeankisser says:

    Why did they have to cut the scene with Ariel and her Dad in the car?!?! Anything with Julianne is GOLD!!! Ugh why do they put clips in the trailer that aren't in the movie or in the dvd deleted scenes…the same thing happened for Miracles from Heaven.

  2. Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist says:

    This I don't understand. What's the reasoning behind this rule? Five seniors got into a car accident and died after they had been dancing? So the powers that be determined that it could only have been because they had been dancing?
    "Don't dance! It makes you irresponsible!"

  3. JO Lavoie
    JO Lavoie says:

    It's still a good movie but the original one was much better. The music is shit in this one though. Love the original Footloose soundtrack in the first movie much better.


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