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New case. New threats. New betrayals. Watch the #Hightown Season 2 premiere Sunday October 17 on #STARZ.

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29 replies
  1. YamiJai
    YamiJai says:

    I just caught up and honestly I loved season 1 I heard of this show back when it first came out but I wasn’t interested in it cause I found out it was a cop show and a lot of cop shows are just so repetitive and boring but not this one the story is told really well and now that I’ve watched season 1 I understand all the references now I always kept seeing this trailer after episodes of BMF and Heels and so I decided to actually give it a chance cause this trailer caught my attention and now I’m ready for this season 2 to drop

  2. Andrea lee
    Andrea lee says:

    Its such a good show
    But it's so real for me n many others
    Between living in Massachusetts n what the drug addiction did to me n so many people n families.
    I'm lucky to be alive when I kno so many that have gone .

  3. donna tatum
    donna tatum says:

    I am very excited that the show is back but I must say I’m gonna miss Junior he was a very good actor and I’m glad Ray is there playing in here he may be a sex addict but he’s a very good actor and I adore Jackie and Renee❤️❤️❤️

  4. Jean G
    Jean G says:

    Once again another perverted, evil vile series! Buckinheimer is a Hollywood elite and nothing good ever comes out of Hollywood. Pushing the agenda America is tired of. People who watch this kind of show produces this kind of perverted behavior. You are what you eat and well you are apart of the problem in this nation by supporting such shows. I am so sad that people like such evil sickness like this. What you gravitate to shows who you really are.

  5. 1RonBurgundy1
    1RonBurgundy1 says:

    I saw the whole first season and episode 1 of season 2. Season 1 so far looks way better than this first episode. The main character chick lost way too much weight and now her head looks huge which is what happens when someone loses too much weight. The detective white guy looks like he aged 5 or 7 years since last year. Parts of this season feel like soap operas. Way too much focus on anti-drugs and AA or NA meetings. Preferred season 1 where you could see the chick IN A SUBTLE WAY was struggling to keep it together. Now just feels like a P.C. anti-drug statement. The fat black guy in jail, I dunno, almost preferred him out of jail and running amok and see if they track him down last season. The main chick getting her job back based on P.C. nonsense tells the whole story. One of the first scenes, the black cop or detective makes fun of the white guy rapping online on the phone video, clearly anti-white agenda. I will watch this show until the end but first season was way better. You see the white detective fall for that chick and that drama. The main chick partying and coked up and trying to keep her job and life together. The crazy black fat guy criminal was great in season 1 and what happens to him on the outside. The first season was maybe a 9.5/10. This season is a mess so far

  6. 1RonBurgundy1
    1RonBurgundy1 says:

    My rant on Season 2. I just finished the season. Season 2 is way better than it had any right to be, in a way. Season 1 was still definitely better. Jackie in season 1 was just sleeping around and in a SUBTLE WAY, she was a lost soul trying to get clean and find her way. Now the anti-drug stuff is more "in-your-face." Her obsession with her co-worker has turned the show into a soap opera. Jackie obsessing for what seemed like forever that her girl wouldn't text her back, then she bothers Ray with how heartbroken she was. Osito was excellent this season again. Still prefer him in season 1 when he was on the outside and a stone-cold criminal. In season 2, him being locked up, a little more of a reach somehow. Everyone visiting him including the police chief whatever guy. In season 1, there was a feeling of danger and views of the Cape that was lost in season 2. In season 1, you felt anyone could be killed and no one could be trusted. In season 2, way too many scenes in the police station and NOTHING IS UNDERSTATED, like Season 1. In season 1, you could feel Jackie trying to desperately hang on to her job, avoid drugs and alcohol. In season 2, just way too much is blatantly obvious, not just with Jackie but every character. Ray for some reason looks much older this season. His relationship with Renee takes up way too much time in each episode, just very soap opera-ish. The young black girl who becomes a drug kingpin is excellent this season. If season 1 was a 10/10, this season was maybe an 8/10. Too many scenes shot in the police station. Too much Renee and her boyfriend soap opera, too much Jackie and her chick soap opera


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